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Vietnam Holiday Packages

Vietnam is a fantastic country and if you skipped it you would be missing out on a lot. The food is the best in Southeast Asia. The scenery is gorgeous, featuring everything from beaches to mountains to terraced rice paddies. The cities are fun, diverse, and fascinating, and there are so many travel activities that you have to experience in your Vietnam holiday package. Here are HolidaytoIndochina’s suggestions:

1. Taking a cyclo in Hanoihanoi city tour

If you travel to Vietnam, make sure you take a cyclo to discover Hanoi old quarters. Some might say walking is better, but the perspective you get from a cyclo ride is worth your precious time. You can’t walk far in Hoan Kiem, particularly around the old streets and the lake without seeing a cyclo. You can’t even walk far without being accosted by a cyclo driver, offering to take you on a ride around the area. The cyclo has become a part of the city and your Vietnam holiday package can’t be complete without using this service.

2. Trekking in Sapatrekking in sapa

A beautiful Sapa trekking tour is a must for every tourist when travelling Vietnam to explore more deeply the Sapa valleys and villages of the Red Dao, H'Mong, Tay and Day minorities. This is quite a hard trek but worth your efforts as you can experience their daily life, traditional customs, culture and amazing rice terraces and mountainous landscape which are unique and definitely a lifetime experience.

3. Taking a Halong Bay cruise triphalong bay tour

Halong Bay is a well-known destination for many travelers. Moreover, most tourists who visit Halong Bay will spend certain days on a cruise or junk - this is without a doubt the best way to enjoy the scenic landscape of the Bay. In fact, it is not exaggerating to say that Halong cruise tours make an important feature of Halong Bay. Each cruise and junk has a different itinerary which takes one to visit caves and helps one experience local life on water. Lodging varies in style and quality from inexpensive, party-style to extremely luxury ones.

vietnam beach holiday4. Sunbathing at Vietnam’s world famous beaches

What is more relaxing than spending time in the blue water under the shining sun. Let the waves of Da Nang, Nha Trang or Mui Ne relieve all the stress of the busy day-to-day life. Vietnam has several of the world’s top beach listing. Most of them are safe to swim and there are opportunities for water-sport activities as well. Travelling to Vietnam, tourists shouldn’t miss Phu Quoc - one of the most beautiful islands and undoubtedly the largest one in Vietnam. Phu Quoc is probably most famous for its pristine beaches with white sands, calm sea, warm water, bright sunny paradise and other mysteries of nature. All are waiting for your family to discover.

5. Enjoying street foodstreet food in vietnam

Enjoying Vietnamese street food is one of the greatest experiences when you travel Vietnam. Each city, each village has a specialty of its own to offer. Vietnamese food is amazingly delicious and cheap, so take advantage of it. So, what is the first Vietnamese food that pops up your mind? Pho? The truth is that you may know Pho but you don’t know genuine Viet food until you have tried some of these: Banh Mi, Banh Cuon, Xoi, Banh Xeo, Bun Bo Hue, Com Tam, Goi Cuon, Che… What else? Vietnamese coffee is fantastic. Enjoy a cup of black coffee or iced coffee with milk vietnam tour operatorand watch life goes by on a corner of the street and you will never forget Vietnam.

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