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Ninh Thuan Travel Guide

Ninh Thuan is located in the coastal Southern Central region of Vietnam, which is an important geographic position among three main economic regions. The nearest airport is Cam Ranh International Airport in Nha Trang.

This province is the important point of the economic center in the middle of Vietnam, and a crucial transportation node with the North – South Railway, the 1A and 27 Highway. It is also a famous place in the region with many attractive tourism destinations. You should definitely give it a go when traveling to Vietnam.

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Best time to visit

The weather in Ninh Thuan is a combination of tropical monsoon and windy, dry climate. Visitors can come to Ninh Thuan at any time of the year. However, the best time to enjoy exciting summer at sea is from April to June.  August, September and October are the time for the season of ripe grapes and the unique festivals of the Cham people.


Ninh Thuan is 105km from Nha Trang, 110km from Da Lat, 350km from Ho Chi Minh City and 1.382km from Hanoi. Phan Rang Town is on North - South Express Train, National Highway No.1A and National Highway No.27.

Tourists can travel Ninh Thuan by motorcycle, private car, buses, plane, and train from Hanoi, Saigon and Da Nang.

Aircraft: Arrive at Cam Ranh airport, and then come to Ninh Thuan by car.

Train: Travelers can buy train ticket at any train station to get to Thap Cham stop. From here take a taxi to the city center of Phan Rang.

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Hang Rai

From Phan Rang city, tourists follow Ninh Chu Beach route to Tri Thuy bridge, turn right and go along road 702 which is 35 km northeast of Ninh Thuan, you will come to Hang Rai in Thai An Village, Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district.

Hang Rai is being "awakened" as more and more tourists come here during their travel to Ninh Thuan, especially from November to March. It is an ideal time to visit and a good opportunity to exploit Hang Rai and capture beautiful pictures of the waves, the lush layers of moss on ancient coral reef.

Vinh Hy Bay

Going along Provincial Highway 702, travelers will cross the spectacular mountainous and poetic roads to get to Vinh Hy Bay. Vinh Hy is without a doubt one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. Coming to Vinh Hy, besides taking a glass bottom boat discovering coral, visitors immerse yourself in Ba Dien beach, scuba diving, enjoy fresh seafood at restaurants or go surfing.

Ninh Chu Beach

Ninh Chu Beach belongs to Binh Son village, Khanh Hai town, Ninh Thuan province and is one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the central region thanks to its beautiful landscapes and potential tourist attractions. Ninh Chu Beach is 10 kilometers long with blue sea, white sand, fresh air, soft waves all year round that is very suitable for swimming, windsurfing, fishing, boating, hiking.

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Po Klong Garai

Po Klong Garai is located on Bac Ai street, Phan Rang City. It is a complex including the main tower, gate tower, sub-tower and tile wall. Po Klong Garai was built in the late thirteenth century under the monarch of King Simhavarman III (Che Man) and worships King Po Klaong Garai (1151-1205). The location of Po Klong Garai is very convenient for tourists to visit and it has become one of the most famous destinations in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan.

Ninh Thuan Cuisines

Banh Canh Cha Ca

Banh Canh Cha Ca is one of the most famous dishes in Ninh Thuan. A hot bowl of Banh Canh Cha Ca includes noodles, fried fish, fish beams, basil, green onions and black pepper sprinkled above. Some recommend restaurants:

- Banh Canh restaurants in Phan Rang markets.

- Quan Banh Canh Ngo Gia Tu.

- Banh Canh Yen Ninh 16/4 (near Long Thuan resort).

Some other dishes that travelers should definitely try when traveling to Ninh Thuan include Banh Hoi Long Heo, Banh Can, Banh Trang Mam Ruoc Nuong, Goi Ca Mai Ninh Thuan.