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Vietnam Lifestyle

The lifestyle of the people living in Vietnam is strongly influenced by its culture and beliefs. Thus depending upon the culture and religion observed by people residing in different areas, the lifestyle too many vary from place to place. With the growth in modernity and westernization, the young are very slowly transforming the everyday lifestyle and this has led to a certain divide between generations. But inspite of this change, some aspects of life continue to remain unchanged and unperturbed.

Vietnamese people give a lot of importance to family ties and it is not uncommon to see people living in extended families which are well knit together. Since both male and female members of the family are working in most families, it is the parents of the couples who look after their babies. Traditionally, the father of the family is considered the head and is responsible for providing for food and shelter.

Throughout Vietnam, the lifestyle followed by people has a strong influence of the old-age Confucian values and virtues. This value system demands everybody to pay respect to people senior to them in age and standard. Some virtues of this system are trustworthiness, benevolence, respect, dedication and duty. Thus the way people live in general is a result of these values and moral system.

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