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Da Lat Travel Guide

Da Lat Travel Guide to the City of Flowers

One of the highlights of many tour packages in Vietnam, Da Lat is the capital of Lam Dong province located on Lang Biang highlands. The Da Lat travel guide offers concise travel information about the city, which is famous for French villas, blooming flowers, beautiful lakes, and gorgeous waterfalls. Da Lat is rich with many must-see destinations, which attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

The tour packages offered by holidaytoindochina will cover most of the famous destinations, and will be a great support for tourists, who want to touch the soul of Vietnam.  Most of the houses, restaurants and hotels in the city built exclusively in French style during the time of French colonial rule. Travellers enjoy the “eternal spring” climate of Da Lat along with some of the exclusive local specialties like avocado, strawberry jam, and some rare dry fruits.


Da Lat Travel Guide and How to get there

The major airport connecting Da Lat to most of the nearby cities is the Lien Khuong airport. The airport is luxurious and big in size and is located 30 km away from the city. There are taxi and shuttle bus services to and fro from the airport. It takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to reach Da Lat from Hanoi and 45 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City.

The Da Lat railways station operates only about 7 km, which is just a scenic travel. The railway's station is a major tourist attraction, and the trip takes 25 minutes on one side along with stops in important locations. Thap Cham railways station is the nearest intercity station to Da Lat. Minibusses also have frequent services to different places from Da Lat. Public bus services are the most comfortable and affordable travel options. You can make use of public transport system for tours in Da Lat as they are safe for travellers. It takes around 7 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City to reach Dalat. It is only 4 hours from Nha Trang, 5 hours from Phan Thiet and 2 hours from Di Linh.

Best Time to Visit Da Lat

Da Lat is having a pleasant climate throughout the year with comfortable, warm temperatures during the day and cold nights. Having a temperate climate the average temperature is always 15 degrees to 20 degrees. Da Lat has 2 major seasons namely dry and monsoon season.

November to March is the dry season, and from May to October is the monsoon season. Although you can visit Dalat any time of the year, the best time plan your Da Lat family tour is in the spring season, which is from December to March. In the season, the city is filled with beautiful blossomed flowers everywhere. The famous annual flower fest is also during this time where you can enjoy the view of different types of flowers all in one place.

Things to Do in Da Lat

Da Lat is a beautiful and charming city located on the high plateau of Vietnam. It is a perfect romantic destination with enough adventurous locations along with delicious food. However, the local attractions in the city are spread out a bit. Da Lat offers something for every type of people. If you are planning a Da Lat  family tour, there are a lot of flower gardens, parks, French buildings, ancient mansions and a lot more to see.


Canyoning is a sport in which you jump into a fast flowing stream or waterfall with the help of a canyon. It involves jumping, scrambling, swimming and zip lining in the mountain streams. It is literally a dangerous sport, which does not require anything other than courage. You can sign up for Canyoning via agencies that supply tools and trained guides to accompany you. Your tour agent  holidaytoindochina can make the necessary arrangements. The cost of this can go up to US$80 and you will be able to find operators who offer much lower rates. However, it is best to work with experienced and licensed agencies or assign the task to your tour operator during your Da Lat family tour because they will provide you the best and safe service.

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Cable car services

Cable cars journeys are just superb because they give you the stunning views possible. It is different when you see things from above. There are cable cars services at various places like Tuyen Lam Lake.

Pongour Waterfall

Waterfall visit is a must see tourist spot, if you are in a Da Lat private tour, then Pongour waterfalls are something you should not avoid. The waterfalls are located 45 km away from the south of Da Lat. You can also choose tour packages which include a motorbike trip or a day trip to Pongour so as to explore the stunning countryside of Da Lat. There is an entry fee of VND10k and there are many small food stalls in the area. Pongour is a beautiful place consisting of rocky ledges through which water falls off. There is also a bridge over the waters so that you can walk to enjoy the view in different angles. Elephant and Datanla waterfalls are the other two famous falls you must visit in the city.

Crazy house

Crazy house or Hang Nga Villa is an unconventional guesthouse, which is a fairy tale house. Crazy house is a place which lives up to its name to every bit. It is built similar to a big tree having melting walls, twisted forms, and cave-like stairs and spider webs. A Vietnamese architect built it in the year 1990. It is famous for its unique architecture and comes under the top 10 bizarre building in the world. The rates for rooms range from VND750k to VND1510k.

Truc Lam Pagoda

Truc Lam pagoda is a Zen Buddhist monastery, which is on the side of Tuyen Lam Lake. Set on the top of hilltop pine forest, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is a very calm place where there is an active temple. You will be able to see monastic life closely once you visit the place. Even though Tuyen Lam Lake is an artificial reservoir, it looks exactly like a natural one. You can also hire motorboats or paddle boats for a boating tour that cost you around VND 60k-300k.


Da Lat is a city having a great selection of comfortable, clean, quality and affordable places to stay. You will find a lot of night hostels and French style hotels where you get 4 star accommodations. Most of the places don't come with air-conditioning because the climate is almost cold through the year. Therefore, if you need the facility during your Da Lat family tour, you might have to specify it separately.

There are many premium choice hotel accommodations are available at Da Lat. You can make your choice of accommodation through your travel agent, holidaytoindochina or direct online booking.

Tour packages to Da Lat:

A tour package to Da Lat can be started from Ho Chi Minh city by plane or bus. However, Da Lat is just around 3, 5 hour drive if you go to Da Lat from Nha Trang or Mui Ne. Da Lat is a great place for family vacation in Vietnam with kids as they have time to relax, but we highly recommended for honeymooners because Da Lat is considered as the "city of love".

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Travel tips

Each country has its own cultural rules and Vietnam is no exception. There are many local practices which might seem to be strange to a foreigner but standard practice to a local person. When you are in a Da Lat family tour, there are certain things, which you need to be aware of, and these pieces of information come handy whenever you are in need.

Queue forming

As a general rule, whenever there is a crowd, it is okay to form a queue line. But once you are in Da Lat, do not expect local people to respect queue line. Residents in Vietnam don't bother queuing, but the attitude is different among young people. So do not get frustrated if somebody cuts the queue line and ask them politely to follow the line during any tours in Da Lat.

Take vaccinations

As the risk of malaria is high in Da Lat, it is important to take necessary vaccinations and other health precautions required. Using protections like mosquito repellant creams and lotions will also help to an extent. You also need to take medications during your Da Lat private tour, as some of them will not be available in the country.

Explore local crops

Vegetables are the safest things to eat while you are in Da Lat. Most of the vegetables like cabbages are grown using the hygienic technology and hence you can eat them without a second thought. Most of the crops and vegetables are covered by specially made nets so as to protect them from insects and pests. Visits to local markets and garden will be included in most of the Da Lat tour packages.

Coffee lover’s paradise

Da Lat is a coffee lover’s paradise by every means. You get different types of coffee in the most famous coffee street near to Hoa Binh Quarter. Thuy Ta and Thanh Thanh are some of the restaurants located on the hilltop where you can enjoy great coffee along with the panoramic view of the city.

Be polite

As you are in a different country, it is evident that the culture and practices are going to be entirely different. People in Dalat are generally calm and straight forward. They always will have a smile on their face while talking. Pay respect to the local population and mingle politely with them with a soft voice and a sweet smile on your face during any local tours in Da Lat.

With about 80,000 tourists visiting every year, Da Lat is one of the top travel destinations in Vietnam. It is also tagged as the most favorite honeymoon destination because of its romantic scene. Da Lat is all about charming countryside, waterfalls, ancient French buildings, flowers and pines. What more is needed for a romantic vacation? Hope this Da Lat travel guide helped you to know more about the popular honeymoon capital of Vietnam and of course, if you need any further travel assistance, do contact  holidaytoindochina, the professional travel executives are always happy to help you.