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Quang Tri travel guide

Located in the central of Vietnam, Quang Tri plays an important role in the war in the past. Coming to Quang Tri is to come to a suffered land where still remains the most meaningful historical monuments of Vietnam. Except for the narrow piedmont coastal plains, the terrain is dominated by hills and the Annamite Mountains. Therefore, the life of people in Quang Tri is generally poor and difficult.

This province has total 72 cemeteries, of which the Truong Son National cemetery and Road 9 Cemetery is the burial places of about 20,000 graves of martyrs.

Vinh Moc Tunnels

Best time to visit Quang Tri:

Like Quang Binh province, Quang Tri has 2 distinct seasons: dry and rain seasons. Dry season starts from March to August and rain season begins from September to February. June and July are the hottest months in Quang Tri while Sep, Oct and Nov are three months that rains heavily the most. However, if you don’t like swimming, you can visit Quang Tri any time of the year. From May to August is the best time to visit some beautiful beaches in Quang Tri.

How to get Quang Tri?

Quang Tri locates between Quang Binh (100km) and Hue (66km) so you can get these provinces by flight or train then approach Quang Tri by car or motorbike.

Top attractions in Quang Tri:

Quang Tri is well-known for DMZ (Vietnam's Demilitarized Zone) - the area around the former border between North and South Vietnam. This zone was established in 1954 according to the Geneva Accords. The area was a narrow band of terrain extending from the Vietnam - Laos border to the coast, 5 kilometers on either side of the Ben Hai River, roughly on the 17th parallel north of latitude.

Cua Tung Beach

Below are some main attractions in DMZ you should visit when traveling Quang Tri.

Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River: the bridge crosses the Ben Hai River at the middle of the DMZ and marks the former border between North and South Vietnam in the war from 1954 - 1972. The bridge was painted with the two different colors – blue and yellow. There is a large monument on the north side.

Vinh Moc Tunnels: Vinh Moc and Cu Chi tunnels are 2 important tunnels of Vietnam in the war. Vinh Moc Tunnels are larger than Cu Chi tunnels locating in Vinh Linh Village, Vinh Thach Commune, Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province. With a beautiful nice view – next the beach – the tunnels is a place where an entire village lived for two and a half years. There are 17 babies were born in this tunnels in that period. The tourists will have a chance to enter the tunnels when visiting the tunnels.

Truong Son National Cemetery: the cemetery locates in Vinh Truong Commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province, next to the highway 15 and far about 38km from Dong Ha city. This is one of the biggest cemeteries of Vietnam with the area of 140,000m² area.

Quang Tri Citadel: this ancient citadel also plays an important role in the war. It locates in the central of Quang Tri Town. Quang Tri Citadel used to be a military bastion and an administrative head office of Nguyen Dynasty in Quang Tri from 1809 to 1945. Visiting the citadel and listening its legend of soldiers in the war will make your holiday in Vietnam unforgettable.

Beside, Cua Viet Beach and Cua Tung Beach are two beautiful beaches in Quang Tri province. Two beaches are still pristine and not crowded because most foreign tourists pass the province to visit Hue – Hoi An in their Vietnam tour package.

Quang Tri Citadel

Where to stay in Quang Tri?

Most tourists sleep in Hue when visiting Quang Tri because this province is still poor and lacks interesting activities at night. However, if you want to stay in Quang Tri, you should stay at hotels in Dong Ha city. You can consider the following hotels: Muong Thanh Quang Tri, Saigon Dong Ha Hotel, and Golden Hotel.

Tour in Quang Tri:

The most popular tour in Quang Tri is DMZ tour – visiting all attractions in DMZ area. It takes about 1 day only. Please contact us at if you are interested in this tour.