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Hue Travel Guide

Hue is an ancient city, located in central Vietnam, known as the seat of the famous Nguyen Dynasty. Hue city was the national capital and existed until 1945. Being an ancient city, Hue has many palaces and shrines that every tourist can visit which offers graceful memories of their stay in the city. Many of these palaces were subject to foreign invasion during the war in the previous generations, yet, it still looks majestic and beautiful. Tour operators like, Holiday to Indochina will provide a Hue travel guide, who can let the travelers learn about this ancient city and its historical significances.

How to get there

You will have many options to reach to Hue. You can have your preferred means of transport like, airplanes, trains, and buses. People who have selected the Hue travel packages of Holiday to Indochina can check out the mode of transportation that can go easy with their budget to visit and roam around Hue.

Holiday To Indochina is a professionally managed tour operator, offering various types of Hue tour packages, and transport facilities meeting the requirements of each client. Visiting their site will let you have a plethora of information, different travel schemes, discounts, etc.  To augment your holiday trip an enjoyable experience the tour operator offering services of English speaking guides and tailor made packages giving priority for your personal preferences.  

By air: The Hue Phu Bai airport is 15 kilometers away from the Hue city center, and it does serve domestic flights that operate between Hanoi and HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City). After reaching the airport, you can make use of the taxi or bus services to reach your desired location in Hue.

By train: The train station in Hue is on the eastern side of Le Loi Road. The express speed train that runs between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is an easy means of transport for tourists to reach Hue with their friends and family members. People who have opted for Hue tour packages from Holiday to Indochina can book their onward train travel services while booking the tour packages. You can speak to the customer care executives to fix the tour programs and onward train bookings which will make things easy for you and no worries of running for train tickets after arrival.

By Bus: The bus terminal in Hue is in Phia Bac, and it is about 5 kilometers away from the city. The bus fares are very much affordable; one can easily catch a bus, as there are frequent bus services available to Hue anytime. If you are in your tours in Hue, then you should travel in a bus to reach Hue, as you can get to see various landscapes and mountains on the way to this ancient city.

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Best time to visit Hue

Hue does get good drizzle every year-end and many tourists who visit this ancient city prefer to visit here during rainy months. October to March is famous for the drizzling season, so never miss a chance to make your plan to experience the drizzling during this month. The gloomy sky with tiny raindrops flowing around can make Hue look stunningly beautiful. The Hue sceneries like the Old Citadel and Perfume River will look more majestic and soulful during such months.

Holiday to Indochina offers the best Hue travel packages to all their customers who choose to visit the city during these rainy seasons. If you are looking out to get sun tanned during your visit, then July and August are the best months.

Things to do in Hue

There are many activities one can do while staying in this ancient city. There are many monuments, tombs scattered around the city, and it will be an unusual experience watching the reminiscent and architectural brilliance. The following are some of the famous locations you should not miss visiting while you are in Hue. The Hue tour packages offer a fascinating opportunity to visit all famous sites that have tested time, political disturbances and natural calamities.  

Visit the Hue Imperial City

The Hue Imperial City is a complex of many Hue historical monuments. All these monuments have won archeological appreciations from recognized world bodies, and it stands one among the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The artifacts and reminiscent are lay scatted on a wide area of Hue Imperial City. The royal tombs, pagodas, flag tower, Imperial City, Forbidden Purple city, library, museum, and temples are some of the attractions that one must visit while having Hue tour package from Holiday to Indochina.

Tiger Fighting Arena

The tiger-fighting arena in Hue had history back to1832 and believed to have constructed during the Minh Mang Dynasty. This place was using to host fights between various animals like tigers and elephants. Although the fights stopped long back since 1900, you can still see the claw marks of the Tigers on every wall in this area. Amazing!

The Royal Tombs

Hue city is one among the ancient richest town in Vietnam with a lot of historical importance. Here you will have the rare opportunities to visit many royal tombs adorned with magnificent architectural works. Tombs have large surrounding areas full of huge drooping trees flushing out the fresh air. By visiting these royal tombs, you can get to know the history behind them and admire the emperors who built them during their regime in Hue. The Hue travel packages arranged by Holiday to Indochina give the option to visit many such royal tombs in and around the city.

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The Thanh Toan Bridge

The Thanh Toan Bridge is a tile-roofed bridge 200 years old, built over the Nhu Y River. The bridge is about 17 meters wide and constructed with plain wood materials. Although it is ancient, it is still using by the local people for crossing the river. While standing and walking upon the bridge, you can have the most beautiful view of the river. Many famous photographers do visit this bridge in Hue, to capture the enchanting moments. The Hue Tour packages cover visiting the old bridge, which has a lot of history to share with you. Check your itineraries with Holiday To Indochina and make sure Thanh Toan Bridge is part of the package.

Thien Mu Pagoda

The Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the famous pagodas in the ancient city, Hue. The famous Thieu Tri emperor built this pagoda in 1844, and it features the golden Buddha image at the base part of the structure. It also has a big bell cast with a stone turtle on them. This pagoda was one among the home monastery for the Buddhist monk named Thich Quang Duc.

You can still find the Austin car used by this Buddhist monk in the museum of the pagoda. Tourists who opt for Hue private tours can visit all such pagodas and will have the chance to know more about the history of the pagodas.

Voi Re Temple

In Vietnam, most of the dynasties were using elephants as their monarchy symbol for many generations. The ancient city Hue was also not an exemption for this rich culture, and this will be more evident when you visit the Voi Re temple. The temple has many spectacular elephant sculptures demonstrating the rich sculptural techniques.

The architectural brilliance of this temple will make every visitor turn spellbound. With the help of a Hue travel guide, you will have the chance to know more about this temple. People who are out for their tours in Hue must visit this temple and experience the positive ambiance around them.

Accommodation in Hue

One can easily find a hotel or resort on each corner of the city to stay. Every tour operator would arrange the best rooms that can make their customers feel comfortable while visiting the town with their friends and family members.

The Holiday to Indochina tour operator does offer such best rooms with a discount on them so that all their customers who are in a Hue family tour can have some financial saving to roam around Hue city. The tour operator will check the hotel facilities before the arrival of the tourists and pick up services will be arranging as part of the package.

Most of the resorts and hotels shall be having leisure activities, and you can avail these facilities at the time of the room booking. As Hue city is surrounded lush green trees, the nature serenity of the landscape will be a splendid view to enjoy.

Even the low-cost rooms are also offering the mesmerizing view of natural surroundings as the beauty of nature is lavish and inexpensive. The pickup service arranged by the tour operator, Holiday To Indochina, straight away take you from the airport to your destined hotel or resort accommodation.

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Vietnam Tour packages in and around Hue

By visiting the official website of Holiday to Indochina, you can find out various packages, like the Hue family tour packages and Hue private tours packages, etc.  In addition, you can find Hue city tour, Hue sunrise cruise, Hue Dmz tour, VINH MOC tunnels, etc., along with usual entertainment programs arranged by the tour operator.  

Experienced English speaking guides will be there to explain each pulsating moment of the tour program. Even though all the said tour packages are pre-designed, tourist will have the option to custom design it to meet their personal preferences. Every tour package has its own activities to do with, and they are as follows.

Hue city tour: This package will let the tourists visit the city in one full day and get to know about the bustling streets, unique architectures and natural landscapes that surround the city. The tour operator will pick up their customers directly from the hotel and city tour can be a memorable one.

You will be taking to various places like Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb during the morning time. The buffet lunch as selected with the tour package, you will get more than 50 traditional foods to have for lunch while you are in a Hue family tour. Post lunch session, the tourists will be visiting Traditional martial art Van An, and the Conical Hat Village to witness some breathtaking landscapes.

Hue Sunrise Cruise: It is also a one-day tour package designed to roam around the beautiful rivers in Hue city. The tour guide will pick you up in the morning, and you can go for a cruise downstream by witnessing the sunrise along the eastern bank of the rivers in Hue. The sun will be rippling on the river water, and it shall be a feast for your eyes.

Tourists who love photography can select the Hue private tours and take a river ride to absorb the kaleidoscopic moments on their cameras. Apart from rowing around the river, you can visit the temples, churches, community markets and old ornate tombs during the daytime.

After reaching Thuan Hoa village, you can rope into a bicycle ride to explore more around the village. The village can give you the rare opportunity to taste the traditional foods. People are very friendly in nature, and hence it is easy to mingle with them.

Bach Ma national park: One of the highlights of your Vietnam travel in Hue, Bach Ma national park is worth seeing and you will definitely enjoy your hiking tour through jungles, waterfalls.

Travel tips

The ancient city Hue has two different types of climate, and it is worth to experience it. If you are visiting the city during the summer season, you must carry skin protection creams.

People, who are visiting the city during winter, must carry accessories and garments that can protect them from catching cold and fever while roaming around the city. In winter, you can experience the winter drizzling.

Some tourists can get seasick while cruising around. To avoid hitting with seasickness, you need to prepare yourself by following the tips provided by the tour guide.


Visiting all these ancient places in Hue city can bring some inner peace and let you gain the historical importance of the city. The climates, landscape, architecture, local people all are an incredible experience, which might be alien to your culture and habitat back home. These baffling experiences are the beauty of the tour, and it will give you ever cherishing memories.  

You will enjoy every bit of moment that you are about to spend in Hue with your friends or family members. The Hue travel guide will help the tourist to find the pulse of the city, and the talented English-speaking guides will make your trip a pleasant, memorable experience. For all your Hue travel packages, contact your tour operator, Holiday To Indochina, one of the best professional tour operators in Vietnam