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Si Sa Ket


The land of Khmer ruins, good onion and garlic, Somdet Park, Dong Lamduan, various traditions, and utmost harmony.

Si Sa Ket province is located in the southern portion of Thailand’s Northeastern Isan region. As Si Sa Ket borders Cambodia there are a number of Khmer ruins throughout the region and the history of the provincial capital is believed to date back to the Angkorian era. The greatest of these ruins in the region, and one of the most spectacular Khmer temples ever constructed, is Preah Vihear. Phra Vihan, as it is referred to in Thai, is a temple that was constructed atop a cliffside escarpment that lies across the border in Cambodia but is far more accessible as a day trip from Si Sa Ket, where Prasat Khao Phra Wihan National Park contains a number of decent sights prior to crossing the border.In addition to architectural diversity, Si Sa Ket contains many ethnic tribes, including Suay, Lao, Khmer, and Yer that have settled in the province over the centuries. Old town Si Sa Ket, formerly known as Muang Kukhan, was located at Ban Prasat Si Liam Dong Lamduan, in present Tambon Duan Yai, Amphoe Wang Hin, but was relocated to its present location during the reign of King Rama V, around one hundred years ago.

Rich with Khmer Ruins, Si Sa Ket is an interesting destination. In addition to serving as the gateway to visit Preah Vihear (Phra Vihan), the cliff-top Khmer temple across the border in Cambodia, the province has plenty of fruit, such as rambutan and durian, which are available at the beginning of rainy season.
Key Tips

  •     Preah Vihear (Phra Vihan) temple is occasionally closed as a result of border conflicts with neighboring Cambodia.Cambodia allows day-trip access to the temple on a visa-free basis from Thailand. Thailand imposes an access fee of 400 baht for entering the National Park.