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Nam Dinh Travel Guide

Nam Dinh is a coastal province in the Red River Delta of Vietnam. The province is contiguous Ha Nam to the northwest, Thai Binh to the north and Ha Nam to the south. With 74km long pristine seaside and great potential to develop fishing and water tourism economy, Nam Dinh is without a doubt one of the key agricultural regions in the North of Vietnam. Nam Dinh might not be famous for being a top tourist destination. But if you are looking for a new place to discover during your Vietnam holiday, the province can offer you some great attractions which are complete worth visiting.


Nam Dinh has a tropical monsoon climate with an average temperature of 24°C. December and January receive lowest temperature (16 - 17°C). The hottest month is July when the temperature can reach 30°C. Tourists can travel to Nam Dinh at anytime of the year to explore different aspects that Nam Dinh has to offer.


Nam Dinh is 90km from Hanoi. From Hanoi, you can take the train to get to Nam Dinh. If you travel to Nam Dinh by car, you can go along National Highway No.21 that links National Highway No.1A to center of Nam Dinh.


Thinh Long Beach

Thing Long Beach is located in Hai Hau, Nam Dinh. The beach has just become popular among tourists recently. The beauty of Thinh Long Beach is absolutely untouched with very clean and clear water. One of many things that make Thinh Long Beach unequalled in comparison with other beaches on the coast of Northern Vietnam is that it isn’t affected by hot winds from Laos, which makes the weather cooler and very nice. Moreover, Thinh Long is also a wonderful attraction for the beginning surfer. Tourists can hire a canoe to ride round the seashore and discover rock islands off the coast. You also can visit fishing villages to experience more the daily life of local people.

Xuan Thuy National Park

Xuan Thuy National Park is situated in Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh, 160km from Hanoi. The park is a perfect destination for tourists who want to discover the wild nature of northern Vietnam with amazing biodiversity. Xuan Thuy National Park itself was actually declared Vietnam's first Ramsar site of Vietnam in 1989. It is home to more than 110 aquatic plant species, 500 species of benthos and zooplankton. The best time to visit this park is from September to April. Tourists can go trekking or take a boat to get to Con Ngan Island and Con Xanh Island.

Tran Temple

Tran Temple is one of the most famous destinations in Nam Dinh. The kings of the Tran Dynasty and their mandarins are worshiped there. Tran Temple consists of three main buildings: Thien Truong Temple (Up Temple), Trung Hoa Temple (Center Temple), and Co Trach Temple (Down Temple). Tran Temple Festival is held annually in January 15th. Tourists would definitely not want to miss this as you will have chance to join a lot of traditional activities and pray for good fortune in life, and especially in business.  

Nam Dinh Cuisine

Some great food that you should definitely try when traveling to Nam Dinh include grilled fish under a pot, anabas sticky rice, Hai Hau longan cake, Siu Chau sweet of Nguyen Huong, the grilled oyster with the unique technique of walking on stilt and Vy Duong rice cake.


Here are some recommended hotels and motels:

  • Nam Dinh Hotel
  • Thinh Long Beach Hotel,
  • Union Hotel

Don’t forget to reserve the room before you arrive in Nam Dinh.