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Mui Ne Travel Guide

Mui Ne is a small resort town, located along the sides of South China Sea in Southeast Vietnam. This resort town has a palm-lined beach that blows away steady wind even during the dry seasons. Kite surfing, windsurfing, and sailing are some of the common water sports that every visitor to the beaches in Mui Ne would prefer to engage. One can find a Mui Ne travel guide after visiting the place to explore more of this weekend getaway location. For your travel plan to Mui Ne, you need to have a reputed travel company like holidaytoindochina, who can assist you in making your journey a fantastic experience.

Mui Ne travel guide as a first-time visitor:

People who are planning for tours in Mui Ne can easily reach their destination using the bus, train, taxi or a private car. Overseas visitors can reach Mui Ne by taking the Open Tour buses that run between Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. The buses are fully air-conditioned, and they depart during the sunrise and reach the destination by mid afternoon. People who are about to take a train can board them from HCMC, and that can take them to Phan Thiet and reach Mui Ne in a few hours of travel. The train journey is the best way to get a closer look at the nature while visiting Mui Ne with your friends or family members.

The taxis can be taken anytime during the day, and one can use them to visit Mui Ne by following their own travel schedule. The taxi ride to reach the resort from PhanThiet would be a remarkable one as one can get to their desired destination in about 4 to 5 hours of travel. People who are out for a Mui Ne family tour can make use of the taxis to reach the destination as per their schedule and enjoy spending a good time in the resort.  Leave all your inbound travel arrangements with your travel agent, holidaytoindochina who will take care of the A to Z travel arrangements.

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Get around by renting motorbikes

Bikes are the best and the most common way of transport to roam around Mui Ne. One can rent a bicycle or a motorcycle for a day or so to get around the resorts. These rented motorbikes are available at a reasonable rate from the resorts and other tourist agencies. People who are out for Mui Ne private tours, can rent such bikes and explore more independently. The traffic on the streets is light, making it possible for the tourists to explore the surroundings without any horn honking sounds running around them all their way.

Best time to visit Mui Ne

People who are planning to visit Mui Ne for the first time can go through the Mui Ne travel guide to know the best time in a year to visit this place. Although the weather conditions around the resort are said to be dry all around the year, it has the best tropical condition with a breezy air running around during August, April and November months in a year. These three are the holiday months that every family would prefer to tour around Mui Ne.

White sands and Quad Biking

The White sand dunes in Mui Ne have made the whole resort turn into one of the most-visited geographical wonders in the world. Riding on these white sand dunes will be a fun filled one as you can ride through the gentle sand bumps and the churning bends all around the place. The sand dunes widely spread at a sight of 25kms, and this is the best hangout place for people who are out for a Mui Ne family tour. You can see the sand dunes located nearby to grasslands and water, which indeed makes this place a rarest location on the earth.

mui ne travel guide

Witness the Sunrise and Sunset

Every place in the world would look more than beautiful during the sunrise and sunset. The Mui Ne has the most magical sun view that you can enjoy from any part of the village. The colorful boats around the turquoise water would make the sunrise and sunset a spellbound one. If you are out in Mui Ne to enjoy Mui Ne private tours, then watching the sun rise and set will make you stay calm and get some inner peace, deep inside your soul.

Climbing to the top of Ca Tu Mountain

If you are looking out for an adventure in Mui Ne, then you must climb up the Ca Tu Mountain. One can explore the nature reserve before reaching the top of the mountain. The view from the top will be a breathtaking one.

Learn some Kite Surfing

Phan Thiet and Mui Ne has many numbers of windy beaches that are more than perfect to learn kite surfing around them. These kite surfing areas are large in terms of space to learn kite surfing in entire Asia. One can even enroll in the kite surfing schools to learn the art of flying one around the beaches. These schools do have short term courses for both amateurs and beginners. The sandy beaches are wide; hence one can move to any place on the beach to learn kite surfing. These types of sports are the biggest reason for many people choosing tours in Mui Ne.

Swim around the beaches

The beaches in Mui Ne are the best place one can swim around during any part of a day. The water is completely warm with the large waves, and it can bring no harm to any type of human skin when exposed to them. People who are amateurs to swim around the sea can learn swimming from the local instructors. They can teach people who are out for a Mui Ne family tour, about the basics of swimming and let them have a safe and secure time around the waves.

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Phan Thiet Port

The Phan Thiet Port in Mui Ne has the best ambiance one can witness in this resort. The port is known for having colorful fishing boats standing in many numbers around them. Watching these boats around the port will be an eye-catching one and every photographer would never miss to capture them on their cameras too.

Run around the sea links

The Mui Ne marathon takes place every year during the month of September. People who are in Mui Ne private tours can participate in such marathon and run around the sea links along with thousands of individuals. Running along with people from all over the world in a marathon will be an adventure for anyone who is out to explore Mui Ne in their own ways.

Visit the Fairy Stream

The Fairy Stream is said to be a little river that runs through the bamboo forests and dunes behind the Mui Ne villages. It does resemble the miniature version of a Grand Canyon. The local kids shall accompany the tourists and show them the path that leads to the Fairy Stream. The whole place is sandy with few stones that can be crossed even in a barefoot. One can even climb up on the red sand hills and walk in parallel towards the river.

After walking for about twenty minutes, you can witness a small waterfall that runs fresh water around them. The tourists can take a relaxing and soothing bath from these small waterfalls before heading towards the Fairy Stream. After crossing the waterfall, one can take the road that leads towards the east and crosses the small bridge that comes between them. This type of adventure tours in Mui Ne has indeed made them turn into the most visited resort areas in the world.

Taste the seafood

Having the best beaches in the world, Mui Ne is also famous for their seafood that is available in every corner of the resort. All the seafood hygienically prepared, and one can even walk around the kitchens in some of the restaurants to look out for the cuisines that are used to create a tasty seafood.

Relax in the Spas

Every beach in the world would have a spa around them, and Mui Ne has many numbers of them. Tourists who visit the resorts would go to the spas and take a massage to relax their body and have a good time while staying in Mui Ne. The spas do offer a variety of facials, massages, steam sessions, body treatments and wraps for all of their customers. All these spa related activities are available at a reliable price rate. The essential oils that are using for a massage are made up of natural ingredients that can help in relaxing every muscle in a human body.

Fascinating beach bars

A tour to Mui Ne will be an incomplete one without visiting the fascinating beach bars that are plenty in and around the beaches. The Wax is one such beach bar that has been well established and is open until midnight every day. People who are visiting Mui Ne under Mui Ne travel packages can even afford to enter into such beach bars as they have a cheap menu card on their tables. The beach bonfire will be lighting every night, and one can witness free fire shows every day at the beach bars. Partying on the beach with a good breeze from the waves will make you have a good time with your friends and family.

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If you have chosen Mui Ne tour packages from the holidaytoindochina, then you will be provided with the best accommodation option along with your package. The view from the resort will be a remarkable one as one can witness the beach view directly from their room. People who have not chosen such packages can even visit Mui Ne and look for an affordable room to stay along the beach side. There are ample numbers of resorts around Mui Ne with. The resorts do have various packages for every type of customer and one can choose one based upon their budget.

Tour packages

The holidaytoindochina offers two different types of Mui Ne travel packages and Mui Ne tour packages for all their customers. One is the economic version, and the other is the deluxe version.

The economic version of the hotels will have a private terrace for every customer, and they do provide the basic sea foods as lunch to every customer. Water sports like water surfing, swimming and quad biking are offering to every customer who chooses the economic pack from holidaytoindochina. The large pool, beach view from any part of the hotel and gardens are some of the attractive things one can find in an economic version of Mui Ne travel packages.

The deluxe version of the hotels will be an expensive, yet, a beautiful one for a comfortable staywith. Such hotels are located very central to the beach side, and one can view the beach lines on both the sides through their room. Hiking nearby the beaches and kite surfing from any part of the beach is the two important activities one can find attached to the deluxe package. The inbuilt swimming pool, beach bars, multi-cuisine restaurants, and beautiful gardens are some of the attractive things one can find in the deluxe version of Mui Ne tour packages.

Travel tips

People who are new to visiting any beachside location can become seasick while playing the water sports. To avoid becoming one, the tourists can follow the instructions provided by the guides before entering into the sea to play the water sports. As this place is mostly dry all around the year, one can easily get tanned by walking around the beaches. You can take your sunscreen lotions while visiting Mui Ne and make use of them to avoid getting tanned in the beaches. Foreign tourists required a visa to enter Vietnam and your tour operation, holidaytoindochina can assist you in applying for the visa online.


Beaches are the best getaway location that can relax your inner soul and let you spend some remarkable time with your loved ones. The Mui Ne has such beautiful beaches in them that can make you relax by even hearing the wave sounds of the beach. Witnessing the atmosphere around the beach can make your brain stay calm and be more creative in your daily life. Roaming around Mui Ne with a Mui Ne travel guide shall let you explore many adventurous things with your friends and family.