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The land of crocodiles, Phichit was founded nearly a millennia ago and features many historical, cultural, and natural attractions.Nurtured by two rivers that run parallel to one another north to south, the land of Phichit is agriculturally fertile and has been populated for centuries. Once the site of an ancient town dating back almost a thousand years, Phichit played in a major role in the history of both the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya kingdoms. Known as the land of the crocodiles, Phichit has long been home to this ferocious reptile, which has thrived in its waters, particularly the Yom and Nan Rivers. There are today several fresh-water crocodile farms and few if any wild crocodiles roaming about. Phichit also features in the Thai epic Krai Thong, which was composed by King Rama II, another testament to its long and storied history.Phichit, which means “the beautiful town " was founded nearly 1,000 years ago, though it changed names several times during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods. Because of its location and fertile soil, the province was a traditionally important region and even the famous Thai love story and epic legend "Kraithong" features Phichit.