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Cao Bang Travel Guide

Cao Bang is the capital of Cao Bang Province, located in Northern Vietnam. It is a remarkable place to be in and is a very easygoing gateway with the best scenic beauty surrounding it. It has amazing lakes, and beautiful villages along with karst peaks, and the most visually beautiful waterfalls. Cao Bang is ideal for those who need a refreshing insight, and the Cao Bang Travel Guide enables one to enjoy this part of the world.

How can you reach to Cao Bang
Cao Bang has all the easy ways of transportation, so let us see what keeps it connected to the world.

By Road: Cao Bang incidentally does not have any rail connections, and so buses are the easiest ways to reach here. There are buses from Lang Son that lies on the China-Vietnam border. These usually are rides of 4 to 5 hours and generally cost around 90,000 dongs. There are buses, which come from the provinces in and around the northern Vietnam region. In addition, tourists can rent buses from Hanoi to Cao Bang, which is a good option, especially if tourist moves around in a group, by using any convenient Vietnam travel packages.

Another way to get to Cao Bang is the bus trip from Hanoi via Thai Nguyen, Bac Can which is around 240km and it takes around 6-7 hours.

By Car: Visitors can travel from Ha Giang to Meo Vac  by car then onto Cao Bang. On the way, about 50 km far from Meo Vac, tourist can take a break at Bao Lac, a picturesque location with refreshment facilities. The roads are good and this small town lay by the side of the river, though dusty it is a charming destination. There are some good hotels nearby, and these minor eateries along the motorway come with fresh beer.

By Motorcycle: Motorcycling tour packages are recommended option to discover the northeast of Vietnam including Cao Bang province. However, you will need an experienced tour operator who can provide good tour guide, motorbike and mechanic to go on this beautiful tour.

cao bang travel guide

Best Time To Visit Cao Bang

Usually, Cao Bang has a cool climate that is suitable for all kinds of tours and tourists can take a break and relax in the confines here. Before you finalize your tour programs, it is advisable to check with reputed tour operators like Indochinavalue, who offers many Vietnam holiday packages that cover the picturesque tourist destination of Cao Bang also. Enjoy the outdoor scenery, the forests, mountains as well as the natural destinations from the months of February to May. The best time to have a honeymoon vacation in Cao Bang is during the months of November to January, which is when one can enjoy the coldest months here.

Interesting things you can do at Cao Bang:

Cao Bang is a place where one gets the most interesting sights, and it attracts more tourists than any other destinations in Vietnam. There are many things to see here, and the visually delightful places of Cao Bang included Vietnam discovery tour packages. Come here and take back a valuable blend of tour and travel charms, which make way for the best in terms of Holiday to Indochina tour delights.

The Ban Gioc Waterfalls

It is a fascinating sight and one should not miss this location in Vietnam tours. The Ban Gioc Detian Falls is a twin waterfall and lies on the Quay Son River. The waterfall straddles the international border between Vietnam and China and is on the Karst Hills. The length of the waterfall is around 208m. The fall is fascinating in the rainy season from June to October, and the entire scenic beauty is indeed cherishable. It is the largest waterfall in the country and has a vertical drop of 30m.

The Enchanting Nguom Ngao Cave

The Nguom Ngao Cave is one of the most magnificent caves in this part of Vietnam and formed naturally by an underground river that is running for many kilometers below the ground. Villagers have been here since the 1979 war with China. Only one part of cave is operational for visitors. This part is around a kilometer long and has a concrete path with excellent lighting. All these facilities recently built for the purpose of better tourism promotion and gives better interaction for tourist who come here on various Vietnam tour packages.  

The tours to Cao Bang are normally a combination of a northeast loop tour including Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Ban Gioc waterfall and Ba Be lake. Should you want this fantastic Vietnam tour packages, what are you waiting for? Just contact Holiday to Indochina now.

Mountainous Regions of Cao Bang Province

The rugged charm of Cao Bang is an important part of Holiday to Indochina tour delights.  Cao Bang is located 300m above the sea level and will have a moderate climate all through the year. The Cao Bang holiday tour package will have many mountain delights with beautiful scenic beauty and fantastic trails for trekking as well as for exploring the beauty of the ethnic culture here. The simple surroundings and the incredible charm are the reasons why one loves to be part of the tours in this part of Vietnam.

northeast loop tour in Vietnam

Accommodation in Cao Bang

Cao Bang is a place where one can get comfortable accommodation and Holiday to Indochina provides all arrangements making your tour program very memorable and luxurious. The hotels here usually cater to the requirements of the tourists and thus staying in Cao Bang is not a big challenge. One can take any hotel as per the travel packages.

Travel tips in Cao Bang Tours

As it is a mountainous region, one can always come equipped with casual clothes and comfortable footwear. In addition, if traveling in the winter season, make sure that there is sufficient winter wear as the area will be very cold. It is a scenic spot,  so carrying accessories suitable to the climate will make your trip a comfortable one.  Fewer luggages can certainly make your travel a pleasant experience. Speaking to your tour operator, Holiday to Indochina will let you know the extra precautions you have to take for the Cao Bang trip.


Cao Bang is indeed a beautiful mountainous spot in Vietnam tours and takes one to the throes of natural, heavenly delights and Holiday to Indochina efficiently provides this to its customers.  As an experienced travel operator, arranging various Vietnam travel packages, including tailor made packages, meeting your personal preference and bilingual English speaking tour guides, you will have the best services from Holiday to Indochina.