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Kon Tum Travel Guide

Kon Tum is the central highland province of Vietnam, bordering with Laos and Cambodia at the triangle of Indochina. Kon Tum is the land of several ethnic villages of Xơ Đăng, Bana, Gia Rai, Jẻ minorities. Each of them has their own way of living, culture and tradition. A Vietnam tour package to Kon Tum is not popular but if you are looking for an discovery tour to the places which are not influenced by mass tourism. Kon Tum is the destination.

How to get there

By road: Kom Tum is 600km from Ho Chi Minh city, 215km from Quy Nhon, but the best travel route is from Danang to Kon Tum which is around 320km and it takes 6-7 hours by bus. For the Vietnam discovery tour to Kon Tum, Holiday to Indochina advises tourists to book a tour package from Hoi An - Danang - Kon Tum - Buon Me Thuat - Da Lat.

By plane: There is no airport in Kon Tum, but there is an option to fly from Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh city to Pleiku Airport of neighboring province of Gia Lai then transfer to Kon Tum, 50km away.

kon tum  travel guide

Best time to visit

December is the best month to visit Kon Tum because this is dry season, it is cool and possible to see wild flowers, rice fields and some of the ethnic festivales during the way.

Things to se in Kon Tom

Kon Tum wooden church: The highlight of your visit to Kon Tum, the church built in 1913 by the French, but with unique architecture and decoration.

Dak To - Tan Canh: The Vietnam war was the past, but with war veterans from both sides (Vietnam - America), a visit to Dak To - Tan Canh, charlie hill recalls memorabke days in the battles of 1967 and 1972. Any tourists want to learn about the history of the Vietnam war, Dak To and Tan Canh are must-visit places.

Nha Rong KonKlor: The biggest traditional house of the Ba Na ethnic in the central highlands, The Nha Rong KonKlor is actually the communal house where villagers come for village's affairs or celebrate festivals. Nha Rong KonKlor is impressive for tourists to learn about the spriritual life and culture of the local people. During your Vietnam travel in Kon Tum, remember to stop and take a walking visit to any Ba Na village, the Ba Na people are friendly and welcoming.

Tomb house: There is one tomb house at the Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi for tourists to get a glimpse, but if you travel to Kon Tum, it is easy to see the tomb house during the trip. The Ba Na, E De, Mnong, Xo Đang build the house for the dead, placing there beautiful statues, tools for working and living and the dead sometimes served with food and drinks. The tomb house is the place to understand about the beliefs and customs of the local people.

Thai Mang Den ecotourism:  Considered as the second "Da Lat" of the central highlands, Thai Mang Den is national ecotourism zone located between the Măng Đen and Violak pass and blessed with cool air, flat ground and enermous religious sites.

Accommodation in Kon Tum

There is no luxury hotels in Kon Tum and Indochine Hotel Kon Tum seems to be the best option to stay in this town. However, Holiday to Indochina recommends that you experience homestay at Konkotu village which will be a memorable time.