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Da Nang Travel Guide

A rising Vietnam holiday destination, Da Nang, a coastal city in Vietnam, is known for portraying the history behind French colonial ports and sandy beaches. This city has been ranked as the third largest city in Vietnam and is a popular base for visiting the famous inland Ba Na Hills. Every Da Nang travel guide from Holiday to Indochina tour operator will help the tourists to visit areas other than the tourist spots in Da Nang.

Da Nang has grown one among the urbanized areas in Vietnam with Han River flowing on one side and the attractive front villas on the other. Being a busy city with a population of more than 1,000,000 people, it has many places to visit and cherish the ancient history that marks the significance.

Da Nang travel guide for knowing more about the city:

People who are on their Da Nang honeymoon vacation can explore more romantic locations nearby the beaches in this town. Da Nang is known to be one among the busiest city in Vietnam, which has both types of landscapes.  

If you are visiting this city for the first time, then you will surely get thrilled to watch the real estate development on one side and the fantastic beaches on the other side. This type of development has made the city one among the must visit locations in Vietnam. You can even explore the private beaches that stay far away from the industrial development and close to nature.

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How to get there:
Da Nang tours organized by Holiday to Indochina has various travel options for their customers to reach Da Nang. One can easily visit the city by traveling by plane, train, bus, car or even a boat.

By plane: Da Nang International Airport is one of the international airports in Vietnam through which people from all over the world can land directly in this city and start their tour programs. Choose any of the Da Nang tour packages and fly down to your favorite destinations.

Other than the international flights, one can even use the domestic flights that can go easy with any budget. After reaching the desired airport, the tour operator will pick up the tourists and take them to their accommodation.  All these charges are very cheap, and the visitors will have the options to select the best packages online from Holiday to Indochina.

By train: Reunification Express is the train that makes a stop in Da Nang city. This express train is super fast, and one can reach the destination even before their desired arrival time. You can also make use of the local train services which are very slow, yet, it will be an ideal option for watching the real beauty of Da Nang. There are many trains available to travel during the daytime, and you can pick one for your Vietnam family tour package in Da Nang.

By car: The best way to reach the city is by car as you can easily rent one and drive by yourself to explore around Da Nang. The Vietnamese traffic is mostly chaotic, and one needs to watch out the roads while driving.

Alternatively, you can rent a chauffeur service to reach Da Nang. Vietnam travel packages from Holiday to Indochina has the options to personalize your tour programs, and you can choose the needed facilities.

Best time to visit Da Nang

Da Nang has a predictable weather which makes it one of the most visited city by many travelers from all around the world. The temperature in Da Nang will be high from May to September. Although the temperature will be very high, the humidity in the air would be around 24 Degree Celsius, making it the best time to visit.

During other months, the temperature will be almost the same and differs only during the winter season, between September to January. The rainfall level is quite high during winter. If you are a domestic tourist and wish to go for Da Nang holiday packages, then you can visit the city anytime in a year.

Things to do in Da Nang

Apart from being a busy city, Da Nang has many places and attractions that every traveler can explore. The following are some of the things that you can do in the Da Nang tours program.

Visit the Non Nuoc Beach

The beach become world famous after many TV shows had their shooting in and around the beach. It was once a relaxing destination, for American soldiers and many Americans visit here to research about the beach. The blue sky gets filled up with the blue water when the waves travel to and forth to the land. The calm atmosphere of this beach will be a romantic place for people who are on their Vietnam honeymoon vacation.

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Evergreen Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains in Da Nang are a cluster of five marbles and limestone hills located within the Ngu Hanh Son District in Da Nang. It is one of the finest attraction of Da Nang holiday packages by Holiday to Indochina along with other holiday packages. The five mountains in this area stand for five elements, namely Kim, Moc, Thuy, Tho, and Hoa.

Architectural brilliance of My Son temple

My Son also known as the Kingdom of Cham is one of the abandoned and ruined Hindu temples, located very close to Da Nang city. The temple is an architectural marvel of Champa Kings and estimated to be constructed way back between the 4th and the 14th centuries. It is an important destination and makes sure to include this fantastic tourist location of historical importance part of your  Da Nang tours.

Sculptures in Cham

The Museum of the famous Cham Sculpture located in the Hai Chau district in Da Nang. The sculptures in this museum are fascinating, and if you are an architect, then you must visit this museum to get to know about the sculptures and its intriguing  features. It will be certainly a feast for your eyes! The museum was first proposed in the year 1902 and later on it was opened to the public by the Department of Archaeology in Da Nang.

Breathtaking Da Nang’s bridges

Of all the other architectural development in Da Nang, the city has the most breathtaking bridges that stand strong and tall providing the best possible view of the city. There are nine bridges in total, and it was the French rulers who built the first bridge in this town. The two bridges located on the outskirts of Da Nang city gives the best view of the city, and one can watch the panoramic view of the city by traveling over the bridge. People who are on their Da Nang tours can explore more about the bridges by renting a car and driving on their own.

Take a digested food tour

Despite the wide boulevards and the straightforward geography in Da Nang, the city has the best food culture, and you can find food corners in every nook and corners of the city.  All you need is a motorbike to go around for a food tour in Da Nang.

If you are traveling to Da Nang by a Da Nang holiday packages, then it is better to hire a motorbike.  Your tour operator Holiday to Indochina can arrange the same for you.  Hiring a bike can make mobility easy and help you visiting various food outlets. If you are a food enthusiast, then for sure this type of food tour will be a fun filled one, as you will have the chance to taste the rich cuisine of Da Nang.

Visit Ba Na Hills

25 km from Da Nang and 1489m from the sea level, cable car system will take you to the submit of Ba Na hill to enjoy breathtaking scenery, cool air in in hot days. Tourists can also enjoy several activites. Ba Na Hills tour is highly recommended for Vietnam family tour with kids while staying in Da Nang.

ba na hills

Visit the Han Market

The Han Market in Da Nang is a famous market, located in the heart of the city, and covers about 28,000 Sq meters of shopping markets giving tourists an opportunity to check their window shopping skills. Shopping will give the visitors and fantastic opportunity to interact with the local traders and give you a rare opportunity to test your language vocabulary. If you are on a Da Nang honeymoon vacation, then you must visit this market to shop things along with your life partner. Once you get into the Han Market, you can find many things that are useful for your everyday lives. All the products available in this market bears attractive trade discounts.

Son Tra Peninsula

10 km from Da Nang city centre, Son Tra Peninsula is peaceful and beautful with high mountains and many nice beaches as well as famous Linh Ung pagoda. Staying here is also a great option and InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is best choice.


The housing facilities in Da Nang will be more than comfortable as one can find many resorts and hotels to stay around in Da Nang with your friends and family. If you are enjoying the Da Nang travel packages of Holiday to Indochina, then your operator will arrange your accommodation and drop you back to your hotel after exploring every site.

Tour packages
Many Vietnam tour packages are offering by Holiday To Indochina, and you will have the options to select the best packages matching to your budget or customize your tour packages as the way to meet your personal preferences. The packages are as follows:

Vietnam Culture Tour: This is a 16 days tour package covering most of the places that one can visit in and around Da Nang. The culture of Vietnamese are entirely different from others in the world and experiencing the cultural difference by Da Nang travel packages will be a fascinating one.
You will have a trip guide accompanying you during your tour around the city. Hanoi, Sapa, Lao Cao, Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho and Lao Chai are some of the popular destinations covered in this package.

Romantic Vietnam Holiday: People who are on their honeymoon trip can choose this package as it has all the romantic activities that every newly wedded couple would love to do in Da Nang. This romantic tour is on a 16-day trip and an ideal Da Nang tour packages from Holiday To Indochina.
Sapa is one of the most romantic places to visit in Da Nang, and it is an inevitable location of this tour package. The charming beauty of Sapa will kindle up the romantic mood of the couples. The lively nightlife and the morning dew around the tourist spots in Da Nang have all the ingredients that can enhance the romantic ambiance.

Vietnam Tour in a Glimpse:  It is a 10 day Vietnam tour trip taking you around Vietnam including Da Nang city too. The tour starts from Hanoi and ends up in the Ho Chi Minh City. These types of Da Nang family tour packages are the best one for families who are on their holiday vacation in Vietnam. January to February is the best time to choose this package.

Because you can witness the Vietnamese new year celebrations during these months and it can bring more bonding within your family. There will be a lot of exhibitions and local markets to visit around with this package so that you can spend some quality time with your family members and shop around the markets.

Beach Holiday: If you are a beach lover, then you will surely love taking this package offered by Holiday to Indochina. The beautiful beaches around Da Nang are part of this package, and you can even go for water sports with the guidance of the tour guide. Out of the many Da Nang tour packages, it is one of the best packages with leisure options.

Tour of Surprise: As the name says, the destinations to visit in Da Nang will be a surprise for all the tourists who choose this type of Da Nang family tour packages. Your trip destination will be a surprise until you reach the spot. The conspicuous arrangements will ignite your curiosity, and the guide will be smart enough to conceal the surprise and will only share with you the details after entering the location.

Travel tips

Although the temperature in Da Nang is moderate in summer, it is best advised to carry your sunscreen lotions that can protect you from any skin diseases due to over exposure to sunlight.


The Da Nang travel guide meant to provide you a concise information about the various tour packages offered by Holiday to Indochina. The travel organizer has enough experience in the field of organizing different types of Indochina and customized package tours by meeting your personal interests. The company can take care of all your travel requirements including, visa processing, visa extension, accommodation and site tours. The experienced bilingual tour guide will be a plus point who can make your trip and wonderful experience. Professional excellence coupled with years of experience make them one of the best tour operator in Vietnam.