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Service overview

Holidaytoindochina is reliable tour operator in Vietnam and to know more about our services, please take your time to read our service overview so that you will have an idea how to travel with us and we both avoid problems during your holiday.

Our tour packages:
Our tour packages are always customized to suit your personal needs and interests. You will have a private travel consultant who support you closely before, during and after the tour to make sure that things are on the right tracks and you have a great time.

vietnam tour packages

Our transfers:
•  Our cars are new, modern, clean and comfortable. Private car and driver are arranged in each destination so you are not having to share your transfer with anyone else.
•  Domestic flights in your Vietnam tour and regional flights in your Indochina tour package are included. We always book national airlines of each Indochinese country so that you will enjoy the best service.

Tour guides and Drivers
•  Our tour guides are well-trained, educated, experienced and knowledgeable. They have passion and take pride in showing the beauty of our countries to the world. When you arrive at any airport during your Vietnam and Indochina holiday, our tour guide will be waiting for you holding the welcome sign with your name on it. Once you arrive at the hotel, the tour guide will help you to check in, do the tour briefing to make things clear and advise you some essential information.
•  Our tour guides must follow our strict requirements. They are not allowed to smoke in front of you, to take you to shops or sell optional tours.
•  Our drivers are experienced, skilled and professional. They are prohibited from chatting with tour guide, using mobiphone or smokking on car.

•  Holidaytoindochina books the hotels that based on your needs, budget and client's review, but the hotels must be inspected by our team before and located in good location. Hotels must be clean, secure, convienient and comfortable.
•  In case, you want to book the hotel by yourself, please consullt with your travel consultant first.

•  Daily breakfast is included. Hotels normally serve buffet and lots of juice fruits. However, if you are traveling to the mountainous areas, staying in a guesthouse or homestay. Breakfast is still included but simple and can be in a local restaurant.
•  Lunch if included in your tour package will be served in set menu at one of the best local restautants in the city or town which is carefully inspected by our team so that you can enjoy delicious dishes.
•  Dinner is normally excluded as we want to give you our choice and time to eat what you like. However, we will include dinner when or where needed.

•  During the tour in Vietnam or Indochina, tour guides and driver may stop at the local or tourist shops for coffee break, but you do not have to buy anything if you do not want. If you intend to buy something, remember to bargain hard.

Urgent contact
•  If you have something urgent, you can contact us by some ways. 1 - Inform your tour guide to contact us, 2 - Call your travel consultant's hotline. 3 - Send us an email at We will response immediately.