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Ngwe Saung beach

Ngwe Saung is also on the western coast of Myanmar on the Bay of Bengal, nearly directly west of Yangon and a bit south of Ngapali. It has become popular with tourists in just the last two or three years and the quality of the beach, sand and water is comparable to Ngapali Beach.


It is of the newest one and the longest in Myanmar measuring about 9 miles length. A number of resort hotels will share the guest's privacy and tranquility. Blue water and silver-white sandy shore are of impressive scarcity.

ngwe saung beach

There are only a few hotels (most of them are deluxe or superior category) however a few more are being built. Until recently, the beach could be reached only by car (about 5-6 hours drive) from Yangon, or by a tourist ferry that would make an overnight trip (but sometimes the boat would not run if they did not have enough bookings). Now, the new domestic air carrier Air Bagan, has started flying to Pathein on a regular basis. It is about a 25 minute flight to the city of Pathein and from there a one hour transfer by car to the beach. Like Ngapali Beach, the beauty of the beach is unspoiled and visitors can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday.