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Sapa Travel Package

The beautiful Sapa is not only famous for its natural attractions or the variety of festivals but also for its cuisine. Sapa cuisine reflects the country’s cultural and ethnic diversity. This cuisine can be considered as the oldest and contains many kinds of soup, stew or grilled food since each of the minority has their own specialties. So what are the Sapa specialties that can win the heart of so many tourists during their Vietnam tour?

Sapa Cuisine1. Five- color sticky rice

Five- color sticky rice is an important dish of Tay ethnic in Sapa. The name of dish comes from the fact that it has 5 colors which attract tourist at the first sight. These colors are completely created from natural leaves. The five colors represent five elements of life in the Vietnamese’s beliefs: yellow is Earth, purple is Plant, red is Fire, white is Metal and black is Water. The sticky rice steamer is very special, which is made from fig trunk.

2. Carried-under-the-armpit pig (lon cap nach)

Carried-under-the-armpit pig (lon cap nach) is one of the most famous items. Tourist can try grilled pork skewers, mushroom-pork or grilled pork rolls with vegetable skewers. Each dish is made using its own unique spices and marinating style, flavors are rarely repeated. Going anywhere in Sapa you are also invited to buy field mushroom- a specialties of Sapa’s mountains and forests. Mushroom in Sapa have a wonderful taste, difference far from mushroom in delta.

3. Stream fish

Known as a mountainous district, but one of the specialties of Sapa is fish. The most popular dish is stream fish. Stream fish is quite small, only little bigger than your thumb. Stream fish are served fried, making the head, tail, and fins crispy, while the fibers of its plump body remain nice and chewy. Taste of these fish is so delicious, especially when they are baked, nobody can deny the attraction of this food if you have a chance to smell it.

Sapa Cuisine4. Thang Co

One dish that expresses the different taste of Sapa‘s minority is “thắng cố”. Some even says that: “Visiting Sapa without eating thắng cố is not a complete trip”. “Thắng cố” is a Ho Mong ethnic’s traditional dishes. Originally, “thắng cố” is a pot full of lean meat, fatty meats and organs of horse. People often eat it with wooden spoon and bowl. Nowadays, “thắng cố” has been modified a little bit to match with lowland people’s standard and interest. They use parts of horses, cows and buffaloes to make it. It is served just as a hotpot in lowland. “Thắng cố” is definitely one of the highlights that makes your Vietnam tour to Sapa unforgettable.

5. The cider

Sapa is not only famous for food but also be known about an attractive wine – the cider. This alcohol is rural but original. It is made from a kind of apple called cat apple. The apple is been under the fog, the rain and the sunny of the mountains so it contains a mix of sour, sweet, bitter and acid taste. The wine making process includes three steps. At first, visitor drink cider feels like they are drinking a kind of soft drink. But after some more cups, they will feel drunk and like being in ecstasy.

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