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Yen Bai travel guide

Be a mountainous province of Vietnam, Yen Bai is considered as a place that has the best rice terraces in this country. Along with many other beautiful landscapes such as Thac Ba lake, Giang stream, Ta Xua, Pu Nhu waterfalls, Yen Bai is definitely a great place for you to experience in the North of Vietnam. To explore the full beauty of this province, let Holidaytoindochina show you some travel guides below:

Best time to visit Yen Bai:

It can be said that rice harvest season and pour water season are the best time to visit Yen Bai. The rice harvest starts from Sep to Oct when all terraces have a yellow color while the weather is comfortable for trekking and taking photos. Pour water season begins from May - June, when the summer rains begin pouring down the mountain, the soil becomes softer the local people begin to cultivate to prepared for a new season. Although this time is not as beautiful as rice harvest, it’s worth to visit and take photos.

Mu Cang Chai

How to get Yen Bai?

Far about 180km from Hanoi, you can get Yen Bai by train, car or motorbike. However, train is not recommended because most attractions in the province is not near each other, you have to transfer many time to visit each attraction. Many young people prefer riding a motorbike to explore Yen Bai. However, you should follow a local tour guide because the road is not easily to go. The best way is rent a private car with driver, especially with a professional tour guide. The way is more expensive but it’s safer while you can explore the full beauty of Yen Bai in short time.

Things to do and see in Yen Bai:

Mu Cang Chai: The best rice terraces in Yen Bai locates in Mu Cang Chai.  Someone said the rice terrace fields in Mu Cang Chai is even more beautiful than terraces in Sapa. Located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, it is quite difficult to get Mu Cang Chai - pass through Khau Pha Pass – however, the scenery on the road is really a gorgeous landscape. You can get Mu Cang Chai on rice harvest or pour water season.

Thac Ba Lake: Thac Ba Lake is the biggest artificial lake in Vietnam with the total area of 23.5 square kilometers and is one of the best places for boat trip in your Vietnam holiday. This is an artificial lake built in 1970 for hydropower plant development. Stay one night at homestay in Vu Linh village and then take a boat trip in Thac Ba Lake the next morning will be a wonderful trip to experience. You will have a chance to enjoy fresh air at the early morning on the lake and see the local people to catch fish by their small bamboo boat. You also can walk around the village to take photos and talk with local people because they are very friendly and hospitable.

Vu Linh  Thac Ba Lake

Suoi Giang – Muong Lo rice field: Suoi Giang belongs to Van Chan district, Yen Bai province at an altitude of 1,371m above sea level. This is the home of ancient Shan teas and home of 300 ethnic Hmong households. The temperature in Suoi Giang is cool all year like Sapa and Da Lat. It only takes a little time daydreaming along the curved strip of rice under the mountain walls, each maize field, broccoli shifting fog early in the flight divert table felt like standing on a cloud. Coming to Suoi Giang, you will have a chance to see the overview of Muong Lo rice terrace field from the top and take a lot of beautiful photos.

Ngoi Tu village: Ngoi Tu village belongs to Vu Linh Commune, Yen Binh District. The village is home of Dao, Cao Lan, Nung ethnic people lived.  The villagers have still preserved traditional handicraft  such as caving jewelry, embroidering, printing pattern on fabric with wax; many cultural events, folk songs, folk games and traditional house architecture.

Luc Yen gem market: the market takes place at the morning in some hours only. Main goods is precious stones that are collected from the local ethnic people from the mountain. Coming to the market, you will have a chance to see a lot of different precious stones and buy it with cheap price.

Where to stay in Yen Bai?

Yen Bai doesn’t have many luxury hotels like Sapa so you only can sleep at mini hotels or guesthouses, or homestay at Vu Linh. Depending on which attractions you want to visit, you should stay near that place. If you want to visit Mu Cang Chai only, you can stay at mini hotels in Mu Cang Chai town such as: Suoi Mo, Son Ca, Hong Minh, Moon hotel, etc. If you want to visit Thac Ba, stay at homestay in Vu Linh is a great idea.