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Cambodia Destinations

From the white sanded beaches of Sihanoukville in the south, to the jungle villages of Rattanakiri in the east and from the largest fresh water lake South East Asia’s – the Tonle Sap Lake - to the impressing world wonders of Siem Reap Angkor Wat, the colorful country of Cambodia with its friendly and welcoming charm offers its visitors a variety of things to see, venues to be visited and experiences to be made.

Surely the best known and most visited destination in Cambodia is the world-renowned Angkor. These stunning temples are witnesses of the amazing history of the Khmer and are attracting more and more visitors from all over the world each year. But Angkor is just one piece of the Cambodia experience as this beautiful country will offer so much more to its guests.

The breath taking white sanded beaches of Sihanoukville with the beautiful islands along the coastline are the perfect setting for a wonderful beach holiday in one of the new high class hotels.

A totally different world is waiting in the much less touristy influenced province of Rattanakiri. With its undiscovered jungles, the diversity of species and people who are still living in the bosom of nature, this part of the country tells a story of a Cambodia 100 years ago as time seems to stand still.

The perfect stopover for city tourism is Phnom Penh. This city was once the most beautiful and modern as well as charming city in Southeast Asia and has kept most of it until today. The beautiful French colonial buildings which have been renovated in the last years, the Mekong River flowing through the city and surely the kings palace make Phnom Penh a must seen city.

Without a doubt Cambodia offers everything for everyone just come and discover yourself. But what is it that makes Cambodia so unique and outstanding? Find out right now, click through the destinations and pick out your personal favorites.

Prasat Andet
Prasat Andet

Prasat Andet is located about 27 kilometers northwest of Provincial...