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Ha Tinh Travel Guide

Ha Tinh is one of the north central provinces of Vietnam. Ha Tinh is famous for picturesque landscapes of mountains, rivers, numberous historical and cultural sites as well as undiscovered beaches. However, what a pity! The province is not the destination to visit for international tourists, but if you have a plan to travel Vietnam by road from Hanoi to Hue, you should stop in Ha Tinh for break and visit to some tourist attractions to get an overview of this land and people.

ha tinh travel guide

How to get there?

By road: Ha Tinh is about 300km from Hanoi. It is easy and convenient to take the bus from Giap Bat or Nuoc Ngam bus station in Hanoi, which takes 6 hours.

By train: If you travel Vietnam by train, it is possible to get to Ha Tinh at Yen Trung train station. Soft sleeper train is suggested. In Ha Tinh, there is no ground service for international tourists so be prepared if you travel on your own.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Ha Tinh is in Summer when it is perfect to stay at the beach of Thien Cam. However, the temperature is high.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Ha Tinh is in Summer when it is perfect to stay at the beach of Thien Cam or Xuan Thanh. However, the temperature is high. Early morning or late afternoon is best time to swim.

Things to see in Ha Tinh

Thien Cam beach: The beach is 3km long with wild beauty. Tourists to Thien Cam can stay in a nice beach resort and it is said that only in Thien Cam can people hear the sound of the sea, wind which is like a song or music in heaven.

Xuan Thanh beach: Recently known among Vietnamese tourists as a wild and beautiful beach to relax and enjoy abundant seafood. Xuan Thanh beach is just 13km from Vinh city of Nghe An, closer to Hanoi.

Ke Go lake: A man-made lake in 1983 used for agriculture and Ke Go is now becoming a natural reserve blessed with pricturesque scenery, biodiversity and cool climate. A boat trip to explore Ke Go lake is a must do tour when in Ha Tinh.

Dong Loc Junction: This was a strategic road T-junction on the Ho Chi Minh trail during the Vietnam war. In 1968, 10 young girls who were volenteers, killed by American bomb. The junction is now a shrine to pay homage to the heroines and to learn about the days of 1968.

Hong Linh range: There are 99 mounts in this Hong Linh mountain range, having more than 100 cultural sites like temples and pagodas. If you stay in Ha Tinh, spend a day to explore the most famous ones like Chan Tien and Huong Tich pagoda.

Ngang pass: A 6km long pass that is 250m from the sea level, offering fantastic view. The pass has gone into so many songs, poems of Vietnam for centuries now. If you travel from Quang Binh to Ha Tinh, remember to stop there for photos and try to write a poem.

Accommodation in Ha Tinh

Western tourists do not stay overnight in Ha Tinh, but if you come to this Ha Tinh city for business. White palace hotel, Muong Thanh Ha Tinh hotel are our suggestions.