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Pathum Thani


Nearly a suburb of Bangkok’s Urban sprawl, Pathum Thani features many attractions, making it a top day-tip destination from the capital.

Widely recognized as the education and technology hub of Thailand, Pathum Thani Province contains a number of universities, research facilities, and industrial parks. As Pathum Thani is strategically located along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, it was founded during the Ayutthaya era and thus contains a number of historical temples, including Wat Hong Pathummawat and Wat Sing, the first monastery built by the Mon community who were the original settlers in Pathum Thani, a history that is recognized at a museum that houses Mon artifacts. As the area around Pathum Thani is fertile and well irrigated, the people of Pathum Thani grow various fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants, all of which are for sale at Talad Thai, a gigantic international wholesale and retail produce market. The area around Wat Pailom is also one of the world's largest sanctuaries for Indian open-billed storks, which winter here during their mating season as do Ruby Throats. Blue Throats, Bush Warblers, Crakes, and Rails.

Pathum Thani is a neighboring province of Bangkok. It is situated on the Chao Phraya basin and contains many canals and orange plantations. Its original name is Mueang Sam Khok, and was founded during the Ayutthaya era. The area was originally a settlement for the Mon people who migrated from Mohtama (in Myanmar) over 350 years ago. In the year 1815 when King Rama II made a royal visit to this area, the inhabitants offered him many lotus flowers, an act that lent itself to the origin of the present name, Pathum Thani or “lotus flower town”. Because of its historical importance, Pathum Thani features a number of important Buddhist temples, and as Pathum Thani is close to Bangkok it is also the location of a number of entertainment venues, including museums and an amusement park.