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Apply Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa on arrival (pre-approved visa) is an alternative way to get a visa to Vietnam. You will need to obtain an approval letter to check in at the departure airport and to pick up the visa when you arrive.

Step to get Vietnam visa offer lowest service fee, only $8 USD per person and service fee needs to be paid in full in advance to process the visa approval letter in 1 working day (urgent service) or 2 working days (normal service) and 4 working hours, 2 working hours (super urgent service).

Apply Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa-on-arrival service:

Cost/Person (USD)

Standard Processing



10 upward


1 Month




3 Months




Multiple Entry

1 Month




3 Months

$25 $24 $23

Currency: US Dollar /  Service fee Cost/pax

(With India, South Korea please contact us)

Urgent Visa:

2 working hours: extra $37/person
4 working hours: extra $15/person
8 working hours: extra $7/person

Stamping fee is the fee you pay directly to Immigration Officers in cash (in USD or VND) (at Immigration Desk/Counter) at your arrival airport in Vietnam to have visa stamped onto your passport. The fee is collected by the Immigration Officers and compulsory for all those who use visa on arrival method. See table below for details.

NOTIFICATION: New stamping fees come into effect from January 1, 2013.
25 USD for 1 month or 3 month single entry visa
50 USD for 1 month multiple entry visa (less than 30 days)
50 USD for 3 month multiple entry visa

The above stated stamping fee regime is pursuant to Circular No. 66/2009/TT-BTC dated March 30, 2009 prescribing the regime on collection, remittance, management and use of fees on passports, visas and papers granted to Vietnamese and foreigners on entry, exit, transit and residence in Vietnam and Circular No.190/2012/TT-BTC dated November 09, 2012 of the Ministry of Finance amending and supplementing the Circular No.66/2009/TT-BTC..