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Tay Ninh Travel Guide

Tay Ninh is a province in south-western of Vietnam. It is the capital of Tay Ninh Province that connects Ho Chi Minh City with Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Overcoming 99km distance from Ho Chi Minh City along Highway 22, you can enjoy an exciting weekend in this small peaceful city. Moreover, Tay Ninh is also the birth place of Cao Dai religion and the home of Cao Dai Holy See. Besides Cao Dai Great Temple, coming to Tay Ninh, tourists will have chance to explore other destinations including Ba Den Mountain and Dau Tieng Lake. If you ever come to the south of Vietnam during your Vietnam tour package, don’t forget to visit this destination.

Best time to visit

Tay Ninh has a hot and humid climate all year round with an average temperature of 27.5 C, and rainfall of 1,724 mm. The dry season often starts from December to April and the rainy season starts from May to November. Tourists can travel to Tay Ninh at anytime of the year. But the busiest time falls on two occasions: th fifteenth of January and mid-autumn festival.


By Bus

From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists can take a bus to get to Tay Ninh which is 96 km to the southeast. On the way, you can stop to visit Cu Chi tunnels. It is the one of the highlights in any Vietnam tour that cannot be missed. The tour might cost about US$ 30.

From Cu Chi, travelers can go by bus number 702 or bus number 701 to Gau Dai, and then take the bus number 4 to come to Tay Ninh.

Another way to get to Tay Ninh is taking a minibuse departing every 15 minutes from An Suong Bus Station in Hooc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City to Tay Ninh Bus Station.

By Private Car/ Motorbike

From An Suong bus station, you go along Highway 22A. Coming to Trang Bang junction, you turn left to get to Go Dau junction town, turn right along Highway 22B, then go about 60 km more to come to Tay Ninh.


Ba Den Mountain

Ba Den Mountain is one of the most outstanding attractions in Tay Ninh. Ba Den Mountain is about 10 kilometers northeast of Tay Ninh Town and it spreads 3 communes including Ninh Son, Tan Binh and Thanh Tan. It stretches more than 24 square kilometers and comprises 3 mountains: Heo Mountain, Phung Mountain and Ba Den Mountain. Those who love mountain climbing and trekking often visit the mountain as a destination for testing their physical strength and endurance. Those who love adventure sports such as mountain climbing and trekking will fall in love with Ba Den Mountain right away. It is a perfect destination for testing your physical strength and endurance.

Dau Tieng Reservoir

Dau Tieng Reservois is 20km from Tay Ninh province. It has a total area of 27,000 hectares and measures over 1.5 billion cubic meters of water. Dau Tieng Reservois is able to irrigate hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland and it is also a famous tourist attraction. The water is so clean and clear. On sunny days, the lake reflects the deep and bluish color of the sky. The Cau Sung Mountain embraces the Lake which creates an absolutey breathtaking picture of the nature.

Cao Dai Great Temple

Cao Dai Great Temple located in Hoa Thanh District which is 5km southeast of Tay Ninh City. The construction of the temple was completed in 1955. The temple covers more than 5600 m2 with a length of 140m and a width of 40m. It consists of 4 towers: Tam Dai, Hiep Thien Dai, Cuu Trung Dai and Bat Quai Dai. All the masses are held at 6am, mid-day, 6pm, and midnight. Therefore, most tourists would come to the temple in noon for the mid-day mass. Please make sure that travelers wear modest and respectful clothes when visiting Cao Dai Great Temple, which means no shorts or sleeveless T-shirts.


Hotels in Tay Ninh are often located close to Ba Den mountain road on Avenue 30/4, CMT8 which are close to Ba Den Mountain. The room rate is from 100,000 VND to 400,000 VND per night. Besides, experience camping on Ba Den mountain sunrise is an exceptional option that tourists can consider.