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Attapeu Province is located on the southeastern tip of Laos and formed part of the Lane Xang Kingdom during the reign of King Saysethathirath. Before that it was called “IDKABUE”  (means buffalo dropping) because of the wild buffaloes living in this territory. The French translated this into “Attapeu” during the time of French administration. During the war against the imperialists, Attapeu became the base for National Liberation. During this time it was totally destroyed. It was liberated on April 28, 1970. Remnants from the war are evident in the Province, Particularly in the eastern part along the Hochiminh Road. After the National Liberation, Attapeu became known as the “The land of the Heroism”. The level of socio-economic development has gradually improved since National Liberation.


As it is home to many diverse ethnic minorities, it is well worth visiting. The early morning market is a great place to see ethnic minorities, who come to sell their product. Most of the population in Attapeu is comprised of upland minority groups. There are 15 major tribes in the area, including Lao, Alak, Katang, Kaleum, Katou, Suay, Oy, Taoy, Sadang, Nge, Lavea, Lavenh, Cheuang, Tariang and Nyaheung.

Treks and excursions to local hill tribe villages are easy to arrange and highly recommended. It is also possible to go on long jungle treks.

Natural resources

There are two National Biodiversity Conservation Areas: Dong Ampham Forest (200,000 ha) and Xepaine Forest, which shared with Champasack Province (240,000 ha). Many species of trees and animals inhabit the forests in the area.

Dense forest, streams and plains surrounded by mountains feature in the landscape. In the east, Phou Saphong can be viewed while to the west Phou Luang can be seen.

Main Tourist Sites

Tad Saephe Waterfall, in Xepaine Forest is 61 kilometers from Samakkixay District. 23 meters height and 120 meters width.

Tad Samongphak Waterfall runs from Houay Samong to Xepaine River, 10 meters height and 30 meters width.

Tad Phok Waterfall is 25 kilometers from Samakkixay District.

Tad Phaphong Waterfall, running from Xexou River, full of the colorful rocks.

Nonglom Lake, 3 kilometers from Samakkixay District. It’s the best place for picnic.

Nong Fa Lake located a 3-day walk from Sanxay District in the northeast of Attapeu. Situated amid serene natural beauty and fenced by peaks of mountains. This virgin lake has all year round sky blue water.

Old Pagoda and Xaysetha Stupa in Xaysetha District, it was constructed in 1579.

Wat Sakae Temple, Sacred Buddha image, respects in the Lao’s New year.

11 DPM 912 and Hochiminh Road, in Sanxay District.

Kavanghin Place, it’s the official place of Cheuang at 56 kilometers from Phouvong District

Located : Southernmost province bordering Vietnam and Cambodia\"AttapeuATTAPEU IN LAOS.IMAGE

Total Area : 10,320 square meters

Population : 110,000

05 Districts : Samakkixay, Xaysetha, , Sanamxay, Sanxay and Phouvong

Capital : Samakkixay

Transportation : by Route 13 (south), Vientiane-Pakse-Pakxong-Attapeu = 985   kilometers