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Vietnam Overview

Neighboring China to the North, Laos to the West and Cambodia to the South- west lies a country of spectacular natural beauty; tropical lowlands, breathtaking hills and thickly- forested highlands, with a myriad of waterways and worlds most spectacular aquatic landscape, Vietnam.

With history of massacre and devastating turmoil for years, Vietnam offers a gripping present. Its charm is simply worth appreciating. Get to understand how the Vietnamese people slowly licked the wounds of the devastating war and stand strong with smiles on their faces.

A blend of ancient and contemporary attractions to its exciting shopping, dining and nightlife experience makes Vietnam cities a chosen destination for anyone wanting to live life to the fullest. As you wander through the busy streets of Vietnam’s big cities, brave the heavy traffic on the back of a motorbike you will notice that they have become modern cities, buzzing with contemporary hotels and clubs, markets, restaurants and shops. Its capital city, Ha Noi, is a mixture of oriental lifestyle, French colonial architecture, wide tree-lined boulevards and breathtaking lakes. From Hue, a city along the Perfume River to the historical Da Nang city; from the old French city of Da Lat to all other provincial cities; Vietnam cities has plenty to offer to any adventure seeker, culture lover, shopaholic, night owl; Vietnam cities has something for everyone.

overview of Vietnam

Why not spend some time shopping during your family tour to Vietnam? Get all the cheap unique and quality products souvenirs from Vietnam cities. Everyone can get something unique for themselves, their family members and friends, from fresh agricultural produces, handicrafts, jewelry, unique embroideries to clothing.

What better way to unwind than to experience Vietnam’s rural quiet rhythm of life with wonderful landscapes, magical palm leaves-thatched houses and emerald paddy fields and exciting trekking adventures? From trekking across the magical jungle with exotic vegetation and wildlife, mountain climbing, countryside hitch-hiking to wandering along the emerald rice fields. Several places are considered best trekking spots in the Vietnam’s rural villages. Get absorbed in the rich and unique culture of Vietnam’s minority communities as you join in on their festivals and also dining in on their meals. Get your friends and family to have a better understanding and respect for other cultures on your Vietnam vacation.

It is also a country with a captivating history and primordial traditions depicted from by myriad of significant historic attractions and old temples. The pleasant Vietnamese cities has aged well, preserving the old monuments and colonial architecture thanks to it being less affected by the war but still make room for modern developments and hasn’t forgotten its past. Take a tour to the thrilling caves used during the Vietnam war and get a deeper understanding of the war that was.

street foods in Vietnam

Where else to experience the most awesome cuisine than in Vietnam?  Nothing comes close to Vietnamese foods. Vietnam’s cuisine differ remarkably with regions. Welcome to the foodies paradise. On your Vietnam culinary tour you can literally spice up your life, with foods from the various regions. Traditional Vietnamese food, having stood the test of time, is greatly admired for its fresh herbs and ingredients, minimal use of oils, unique cooking styles, a variety and harmony of textures, its emphasis on herbs and vegetables.  Furthermore, it being a former colony of China, you can’t miss something Chinese in there way of cooking and dining.

Street foods in Vietnam are one of the best things you should try on your trip to Vietnam. Vietnam boasts of many street foods outlets. Most of the cities in Vietnam resemble a huge open- air restaurant. Several street-side eateries offer cheap delicious foods that you can snack on as you admire the splendor of Vietnam cities.  

There are plenty of things to do in Vietnam; capture the spirit of wonderful Vietnam on a Vietnam educational tour. From the colonial charm of Hanoi to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City; have some local drinks with the locals as you get absorbed in their stories of war and shop for antics and souvenirs from the Old Quarter; take a cruise along the Halong Bay on a boat; sail among the floating villages, grottos and vanishing limestone pillars; visit the Ho Chi Minh City a blend of ancient and modern architecture and culture; marvel at the old towns of explorations. You won’t miss something to get off your bucket list

halong bay

A Vietnam tour is anyone’s bowl of expeditions; cruises, luxury, educational, cuisine. It is an adventure full of splendor and dissimilarity that depicts Vietnam as a country of mouth-watering food, affectionate residents, spectacular landscapes and a kaleidoscope of people. Memories long after you have left Vietnam are everywhere around you. Its highlands have rose above the devastating war to yield exotic vegetation and wildlife, its islands and beaches are something out of this world with plenty of activities you can take part in.

Whatever vacation you are looking for as a family, Vietnam wonderfully and spectacularly serves all of them in one bowl. Whether you want to ocean cruise, take a walk along the city streets, trek and join in on festivals of the Vietnamese tribes of the central islands, kayaking to discover hidden aquatic landscapes and much more. With a variety of means of transport; from modern to traditional, it is very easy to navigate and get around this magical country.

Vietnam is another home away from home. The best a family can get is in Vietnam, with a variety of luxury resorts and hotels that radiate the allure of Vietnam. Perfect family friendly hotels that are beautifully nestled between Vietnam’s spectacular landscapes and architecture. Friendly, helpful, respectful are the words that come in mind when you think of their staff. After a long fun-filled day of marveling at Vietnam’s exquisiteness on your tour to Vietnam, you can go relax in one of Vietnam’s several resorts and hotels. Experience tranquil luxury paired with unique cultural touches as you enjoy family time. Beauty and spa treatment make Vietnam’s hotels ultimate destinations to unwind together as a family.

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