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Nha Trang Travel Guide

Along with Mui Ne and Phu Quoc and famous with scuba diving, Nha Trang is one of the best beautiful beaches and must-see destinations for anyone traveling to Vietnam. To help tourists have a comprehensive view about Nha Trang, Holidaytoindochina would like to share the following travel guides: how to get in, best time to visit, top places must to see, things to do and where to stay here.


Nha trang mapHowever, before exploring these travel guides, we should know some general information about Nha Trang like history, location and climate, etc. According to some historical documents, Nha Trang was known as Kauthara under the Champa and it was longer built as a tourist attraction with many luxury resorts by French. About location, Nha Trang locates in the South of Vietnam, far about 460km from Saigon and about 1250km from Hanoi. It’s very easy to search on Google map: 

Nha Trang has a long coastline with tropical monsoon climate; therefore the weather of Nha Trang is relatively mild, not too harsh as the North and not too erratic as in the South. This city also has two distinct seasons: rainy season (Sep to Dec) and dry season (Jan to Aug).  


In fact, Nha Trang tourism is always ready to welcome guests to visit any time of the year because of its comfortable weather. The beach is blue all time and not affected by storms. You just need to avoid traveling in rainy months (Oct – Dec). However, if you want to enjoy the best time here, with blue sky, with sunny, with warm weather to swim, July, August and September are the best time to visit Nha Trang.


There are three ways to get Nha Trang: by plane, by train and by bus.

1. By plane:

Nha Trang has the Cam Ranh airport, so the tourists can transfer to Nha Trang by plane to the Airport, then transfer to the center of Nha Trang by taxi or airport transfer from your hotel. It is 30 km from the airport to Nha Trang city.

  • Domestic flights: There are 3 airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Vietjet Air (from Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang).
  • International flights: Korean Air, France Air, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar departing from Singapore, Moscow, Incheon, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Narita.

The price of a flight ticket bases on the airline and flight time. There are two main routes:

  • From Saigon: From 700,000 VND/person/way, duration: 50 minutes.
  • From Hanoi: From 1,500,000 VND/person/way, duration: 1 hour 50 minutes.

For other routes, you can access the official website of the Airline to search your flight and cost:

  • Vietnam Airline:
  • Vietjet Air:
  • Jetstar:

nha trang travel guide

Nha Trang Beach

2. By train: You also can transfer to Nha Trang by train, longer but cheaper.

  • From Hanoi - Nha Trang: you can get Nha Trang from Hanoi by trains: SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7, TN1. From Nha Trang, you can come back to Hanoi by trains: SE2, SE4, SE6, SE8, TN2. You can check the price and departure time online here:
  • From Saigon – Nha Trang: 19:00 (SE2), 23:00 (SE4), 15:45 (SE6), 06:25 (SE8), 10:05 (TN2), 14:00 (TN4). The price is from 140,000 VND – 600,000 VND/Ticket/way.

In fact, Nha Trang is a stop on the main railway-line connecting Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and you can book a ticket for a soft – sleeper if you want. After getting Nha Trang by train, you can walk from the train to the city centre because it’s not far, only 1km.

3. By bus:

The tourists often choose to get Nha Trang by buses from Ho Chi Minh because it is too far from Hanoi. However, you you want to visit Nha Trang from Hanoi by bus, you can contact with Hoang Long Bus (sleeper): 710,000/ticket/way, contact by phone (84) – 4 39282828 or (84) -58 3853345. From Ho Chi Minh, it takes about 9 – 11 hours to get Nha Trang by buses. You can consider one of the buses below:

  • Hoang Long Bus (sleeper): 200.000 VND/ticket/way, phone (84) – 4 39282828 or (84) -58 3853345
  • Phuong Trang Bus (sleeper): 225.000 VND/ticket/way , from 8:30 to 20:30 every day, phone (84) -8 38309309
  • Thesinhtourist: start from Saigon 7:15  – 20:00, at 246 – 248 De Tham street, District 1, HCM. Start from NHa Trang: 7:45 – 20:00 at 90C Hung Vuong street, Nha Trang city. Phone: (84) -58 3524329 or (84) -8 38389593. Note: You must to buy the ticket directly at the office.
  • Minh Dung bus: From Saigon: 9:45 am – 21:30 – 22:30. From Nha Trang: 20:30 – 21:30. Phone: (84)-8 35115234 or (84) - 8 35190519.
  • Lien Hung Bus: From Saigon: 6:30 – 8:00 – 9:30 – 15:30 – 20:45 – 21:30. From Nha Trang: 6:30 – 8:45 – 19:00 – 20:20 – 21:50. Phone: (84) - 58 3829090 or (84) - 913 478982 or (84) -58 3913888 or (84) -8 35119090 or (84) - 913 478982.
  • Phuong Nam Bus: Start at 20:00 and 21:00 from both Saigon and Nha Trang. Phone: (84)-8 66540386 or (84) - 58 6507677.
  • Quang Hanh Bus: From Saigon: 6:30 – 9:00 – 21:00 – 22:00. From Nha Trang: 8:00 – 20:10 – 21:30 – 22:30. Phone: (84) - 58 3563288 or (84) - 8 35119102.
  • Tam Hanh Bus: From Saigon: 8:15 – 9:00 – 20:15 – 21:15. From Nha Trang: 18:00 – 20:30 – 21:30. Phone: (84) - 8 39205653 or (84) - 58 3527525.

Moreover, you can rent a private car to get Ho Chi Minh if you travel with group. The price is more expensive but it will be shared and you will feel more comfortable.By the way, if you want to visit Nha Trang by taxi, you can consider to these following companies: Mai Linh Taxi (84-58) 38 38 38 38, Nha Trang Taxi (84 - 58) 3 818 181, Khanh Hoa Taxi (84-58) 3 810 810 or Emasco Taxi (84 - 58) 3 515 151.


Vinpearl Nha Trangvinpearl Nha TrangAlthough Nha Trang is famous for beautiful beaches such as Doc Let beach, Bai Dai beach, Bai Duong Beach, etc., don’t stay at beaches only if you have a chance to visit Nha Trang. Here are some other famous places in Nha Trang that you should check-in:

  • The National Oceanographic Museum: Open hours: 7:00 – 16:30, Address: 01 Cau Da (on the left of the commercial port entrance). Visiting the various exhibits like leopard sharks in tanks, an entire sea cow, a plaster cast model of a whale skeleton, or manatee preserved in a huge glass case.
  • Long Son Pagoda: It locates at the end of Xom Bong Bridge, two kilometres out of Nha Trang city. The pagoda is famous for the big white Buddha on the hillside behind the main compound with 24-meter high.
  • Vin Pearl Resort and amusement park: It is one of the best famous places in Nha Trang, especially for young people. You can get to Vin Pearl by a cable car from ground to the island. VinPearl Nha Trang is actually a luxury resort, which has an amusement park with roller coaster rides and many interesting water activities, aquariums with tropical fish, and a big shopping malls. If you come to Nha Trang, you should spend one day here.

Besides, if you have more time, you can visit Po Nagar Cham Towers, Alexandre Yersin Museum, Thanh Dien Khanh Fortress, Yang Bay Waterfalls, or Ba Ho waterfalls.


It can be said that Nha Trang is one of the best places having many interesting activities to do during your vacation. If you are a fan of swimming, scuba diving, sailing or surfing, Nha Trang is definitely a great place to visit.

1. Swimming: Nha Trang is firstly well-known as a good beach for swimming.  There are 3 famous beaches in Nha Trang: Doc Let beach, Bai Dai beach, and Bai Duong Beach.

scuba diving in nha trang

2. Scuba diving: Nha Trang is considered as the best place for scuba diving in Vietnam by many travelers. If you are interested in scuba diving, you can contact with some companies such as:

  • VinaDiving - Vietnam Dive Center, 23D Biet Thu, Phone: +84-918.98.4049, email:, open hours: 07:00 - 21:00. Price: $60 for 2 Dives (non-certified divers, $45 for 2 Dives (certified divers), $18 for snorkelling.
  • Aloha Mark Scott's Diving Vietnam, 24/4 Hung Vuong, Phone: +84-122-903-7795, email:, open hours: 06:30-21:00.  $75 for 2 dives (with certification) and $90 for 2 Introductory Dives.  American English Guide. $75-$375.
  • Coco Dive Center, 2E Biet Thu, Phone +84-583-522-900. Price: $38 for 1 dive (with snorkelling) and $55 for 2 dives.
  • Jeremy Stein’s Rainbow Divers, Phone +84-58-826-528, Price:US$75 for 2-dive boat trip (including water, coffee, tea, a variety of baguettes, cakes and fruits).
  • Octopus Diving, 29 Tran Phu, phone: +84 58 352-1629
  • Angel Dive, 1/33 Tran Quang Khai, Phone: +84 58 352-2461
  • Sailing Club Divers, or Sailing Club Nha Trang, 72-74 Tran Phu, Phone: +84 58 352 2788
  • Listening live music at the coffee shop at night. You can enjoy your coffee while listening live music. It’s really fun and exciting for young people or couples.

Visiting Nha Trang, you can try other outdoor activities like to surfing, sailing or biking, etc.


Nha Trang is suitable for both budget and luxury tourists because there are a lot of different hotels and resorts from 2 stars to 5 stars. Many hotels offer the cost of less than $20 per night and nearly have the usual air-con, cable TV, fridge, bedside table, wardrobe and night light, may be have wifi. If you want to stay at cheap hotels like that, you can find around Tran Phu street. However, we recommend that you should stay at 3 star hotels or more because it will make your trip more comfortable and unforgettable.

hotel in nha trang

  • Six Senses Hideaway, Phone: +84-58-3728-222.The only way to get to this resort is by speed boat to Ninh Van Bay. Price: US$405 - 1,255/ night.
  • Sunrise Beach Resort Nha Trang, 12 Tran Phu St, phone: +84-58-920-999. Price: US$140-500/night.
  • Diamond Bay Resort & Spa Nha Trang Diamond Bay, Song Lo, phone: +84-58-711711.Two private beaches. Prices: $125-600/night.
  • Evason Ana Mandara & Six Senses Spa, Tran Phu Blvd, phone: +84-58-3522222.  Price: US$210-450/ night.
  • Yasaka Saigon-NhaTrang Hotel, 18 Tran Phu St., phone: +84-58-820-090.  Price: US$100-355/ night.
  • Novotel, 50 Tran Phu (in the central tourist location), +84 - 58 6 25 69 28. Price: about $105/night.
  • Nha Trang Hilton Bed & Breakfast, Phone: +84- 58-3820-476. Check the cost here:
  • Vinpearl resort. Vinpearl resort is on an island in the Nha Trang bay. You can get to and from the island by cable car. You can check price at
  • Vien Dong Hotel, 1 Tran Hung Dao St., +84-58-821-606. Price: US$35-45/night
  • Que Huong Hotel, 60 Tran Phu Blvd., +84-58-825-047. Price: US$55-105/night.
  • Nha Trang Lodge Hotel, 40 Tran Phu St., +84-58-810-500, Price: US$60-170 per night.
  • Starlet Hotel, 32-34 Tue Tinh (before the Hospital on the left). Price: US$40-50/ night

Click to see Nha Trang video here:

We hope that these above information will help you make your trip more interesting. If you need any information about the beautiful city or want to book private tour to Nha Trang, you can contact us at . Or call us at +84-462970505.