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Phu Yen Travel Guide

A central province of Vietnam, Phu Yen is known to have great potentials to develop its tourism thanks to beautiful beaches, bay, lagoon, but Phu Yen has not reached the attention of Vietnamese tour operators and international tourists yet. Phu Yen is about 400km from from Danang and 120km from Nha Trang so if you travel Vietnam by road, one night stay in Phu Yen can be a good idea to explore this picturesque city.

phu yen travel guide

How to get there:

By plane: Phu Yen has Tuy Hoa airport and there are daily flights from Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi to this airport. Hanoi - Tuy Hoa is  1160km, Ho Chi Minh - Tuy Hoa is 560km.

By road: Phu Yen is right on the way from Hanoi - to Ho Chi Minh city or vice versa. Therefore, it is easy and convenient to take the bus to Phu Yen, but Holiday to Indochina suggests that tourists buy tourist bus ticket from a travel agent.

By train: The reunification trains from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city also stop in Tuy Hoa city of Phu Yen province and this is not a bad option to travel. Train ticket is cheap and traveling by train is safer.

Best time to visit Phu Yen

Phu Yen is nice to visit all year round, but the best time to visit Phu Yen is during Summer time from May - September when the sea is blue and tourists can enjoy abundant and tasty seafood.

Things to see in Phu Yen

Ganh Da Dia: Translated into English as "Da Dia Reef", a national heritage site of Vietnam since 1998. Da Dia reef is a seashore area of uniformly interlocking basalt rock columns formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Da Dia reef is around 20 square km for tourists to discover and after that it is great to swim at the nearby beach in the emerald water.

Vung Ro bay: This is a small but picturesque one with wild beauty. The best time to come here is during summer to swim in the emerald water, walk on unexplored beach, enjoy fresh and cheap seafood. Vung Ro bay is on the way from Nha Trang to Danang if if travel by road. Therefore, do no forget to stop here for break.

Xuan Dai bay: This bay has long been known for amazing scenery with many undiscovered beaches like Vung La, Vung Su, Vung Chao and many small charming islets. Xuan Dai bay is really a place to swim in the clear and blue sea.

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Bai Xep beach: An golden sandy beach which is just 500m long but charming like a beautiful girl. Bai Xep beach is still little-known. However, if you come to this beach, it is definitely your right decision. This beach is ideal for taking romantic photos and find your peace of mind.

Dai Lanh lighthouse: 35km from Tuy Ho city og Phu Yen, This is a great place to enjoy earliest sunrise in Vietnam from the sea and on the left side is pristine beach of Bai Mon for tourists to swim and relax. There is no restaurant here so Holiday to Indochina advises tourists to prepare picnic lunch and drinks.

Hon Nua: Located right at the foot of the famous Deo Ca pass, Hon Nua is picturesque with emerald sea and a mountain which is 105m from the sea level. Hon Nua is great for camping and enjoying delicious seafood.

Festivals: If you come to Phu Yen at the right time, there is some colorful festivales for you to see such as boat racing festival at O Loan lagoon,  Buffalo festival of Ba Na ethnic, etc.

Accommodation in Phu Yen:

For international tourists, Phu Yen is not the city to stay overnight. Tourists choose to fly from Danang to Nha Trang or if they travel by road, Quy Nhon is the city to stop, what a pity! Phu Yen is a beautiful land with countless tourist attractions and have not affected by mass tourism. If you are planning your Vietnam tour packages, we suggest that you travel by road to explore Vietnam and spend one night in Phu Yen to see the highlights of this province. The best hotels Saigon Phu Yen Hote, Cendeluxe hotel, Hung Vuong hotel, but do not worry, Holiday to Indochina will include your accommodation in Phu Yen in your Vietnam package tour.