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Phone and Internet

Because Myanmar is still very backward, the phone and internet is a luxury commodity in Myanmar.

SIM Card: tourists can buy SIM GSM for 25 - 30 USD per one in the hotel or commercial center. You have to show your passport when buying SIM Card.

Internet: Some hotels provide internet, but for high price. You can check this service with the hotel reception. Not many internet café shops are built in Myanmar, only in the center of the city with high price. Besides, the Myanmar Government restricts and controls the use of internet as well as phone. You are not allowed to access some popular social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Yahoo. Gmail and Google talk can be used but not regularly.

Public phone: travelers almost cannot find any public phone booth in the city. All phone calls abroad are controlled by the Government. Only when they agree, you can call to your home country and others.

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