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Laos Tour

One of the very few hidden and magical countries in Indochina and the world, a Laos tour package is the gateway to explore many cultural attractions and natural wonders such as hundred year old temples, massive stone jars, caves of Buddha images. With such natural beauty and some real life changing experiences, Laos is perfect if you are considering travelling to Southeast Asia. Here is top things that should not be missed in any Laos vacation.

laos tour package

1. Tubing in Laos

To anyone that’s ever been to Laos, you will undoubtedly hear story of how they floated down the river with a beer in hand. Tubing is hugely popular among tourists in Laos, however the danger should not be ignored as a number of people die every year from drinking too much and drowning.

2. Elephant riding in Bolaven Plateau

For anyone else obsessed with animals, riding an elephant will be on any bucket list when considering Asia as a destination. The Plateau is astounding and will offer some great holiday snaps, while riding an elephant is a personal highlight.

3. Pak Ou Caves – Buddha Caves

Another item on the list that can be found close to the Mekong River, the Buddha Caves (Tham Phun and Tham Ting) are easily reached by speedboat from Luang Prabang across the Mekong River. The religious background will be hugely evident as images of Buddha are simply everywhere.

4. Kuang Si Waterfalls

Swimming in the pools of Kuang Si waterfalls, you can’t help but feel a sense of tranquility and harmony. The waterfalls are located 19 miles from Luang Prabang, therefore you might want to leave early in the morning for Kuang Si, so you can spend a whole day relaxing and playing in the water.

5. Plains of Jars

The Plain Of Jars is probably South East Asia’s most enigmatic tourist attraction. Situated in the remote north east of Laos, the mountainous communist country which has only been open to tourists for just over a decade, are hundreds of huge stone jars scattered across several square miles.

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