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Laos Holiday

If you are planning your holiday to Indochina, Laos can be considered as one of the first choices. Below you will see 5 reasons why Laos is a destination should not be missed in 2016.

laos holiday

The colourful & varied markets

There are many colorful, varied and free markets in Laos. This reason makes Laos attracts many tourists every year. Bring your backpack because you'll buy all sorts of things you never knew you wanted or needed. Some of the things on sale,....fabrics, t-shirts, clothing, trousers, bags, trinkets, silver, necklaces, paintings, scarves, slippers, alcohol and wooden artefact!

The delicious food

Each country has its own tasty cuisine and Laos too. This is top 10 food for essential eating in Laos Holiday: Lao nosodle soup (Khao Piak Sen), Baguettes (Khao Jee), Minced Pork Salad (Laab Moo), Green papaya Salad (Tam Mak Hoong), Fresh Spring Rolls (Yall Dib), Lao Sausage(Sai Oua), Lao Beef Jerky (Sien Savanh), French Food, Beer Lao, and Lao-Lao.

The lovely and friendly people

Laos is not known as the land of smiles, but the people here are still so special, and very genuine in their own way: Men are very homely, kids are adorable, bus drivers have a death wish, everyone wants to avoid any and all confrontation, women and men work together.

The simple lifestyles & rural villages

Laos is one of the most talked-about destinations among travelers for a purely exotic experience in one of the most laid-back cultures on the planet. This land-locked and mountainous country within South-East Asia contains some of the most untouched countryside and pristine cultures still left on Earth, and while it is currently beginning to develop at a rapid pace, there are still traces of the culture that exist in some of the undeveloped parts of the country which gives travelers an insight into the simple village lifestyle of this part of the world. Archaeological evidence shows that Laos has been inhabited for over ten thousand years.

The amazing scenery

Away from the cities, it’s easy to make a quick detour off the beaten track and end up in a fairytale landscape with jagged limestone cliffs, brooding jungle and the snaking Mekong River as a backdrop. Community-based trekking combines these spectacular natural attractions with the chance to experience the 'real Laos' with a village homestay.

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