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Tips for traveling Ha Giang - a highlight of the Northeast Vietnam

Among the highest latitudes of Vietnam, Ha Giang is definitely a great destination for the sightseeing of grandiose mountainous landscapes. To help the visitors have helpful experiences while visiting Ha Giang – one of the most interesting Vietnam destinations, would like to share 4 travel tips including the attractions, foods, weather and transportation.

Ha Giang attractions

Ha Giang is dominated by grandiose mountainous landscapes and famous for its Dong Van stone plateau. To explore fully the unspoiled beauty of Ha Giang, you cannot miss the following sites: Thung Nai, Lung Cu, Quan Ba Twin Mountain, Nho Que river, Nam Dan Ancient Roack, Mansion of Vuong Family, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Khau Vai Love Market, Dong Van Old Quarter, and especially Dong Van Stone Plateau.

Tips for traveling Ha Giang

Ha Giang Food

Food of Ha Giang include popular staple such as rice and vegetables and some other ethnic specialties. Shan Tuyet Tea, Au Tau Porridge, Dried Buffalo and Stone Bryophyte are on 4 top foods in Ha Giang. If you travel to Ha Giang, don’t miss them.

Ha Giang Weather

Ha Giang’s weather is typical for the weather of Northern highland area of Vietnam. The year’s average temperature falls between 21.6 and 23.9 degree and temperature amplitudes around 6-7 degree a day. June and July are the two hottest months of Ha Giang, while coldest months are from November to February. Although Ha Giang becomes more dangerous in the damp season (from July to September) due to storm, heavy rain and flood, the adventure travelers travel more to Ha Giang in this season to watch Vietnamese weather forecast. If you want to visit here in this season, be very careful.

Ha Giang transportation

It is about 320km from Hanoi to Ha Giang. Today, the travelers who want to reach Ha Giang can just travel by coach or by motorbike because of its difficult terrain. For specific information, you can click here.

If you are the adventure traveler, Ha Giang is definitely the destination in your Vietnam holiday.