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Mui Ne Beach – one of the best beaches of Vietnam

When talking about Vietnam’s destinations, it’s deficient if we don’t mention Mui Ne as one of the most beautiful beach destinations of Vietnam.

Mui Ne is a coastal resort town located in Phan Thiet city,Binh Thuan province. The origin of the name ‘Mui Ne’ is very interesting. The first meaning comes from the fishing people in the past. They usually faced sea storms, so they used to hide in a cape, which was called ‘Mui’ in Vietnamese, and ‘hide’ meant ‘Ne’. The second one originated as the name of the youngest daughter of Cham King – who was known as the owner of this land. Her alias was Ne, therefore, the cape where her temple was built, was called ‘Mui Ne’.

Mui Ne Beach

Be a tropical beach with wonderfully warm weather, Mui Ne is a great idea for swimming. However, you should not visit Mui Ne in July and August because this is rain season here. The best time to visit Mui Ne is from November to March.

Besides swimming, with strong sea breezes, Mui Ne is most famous for kite and wind surfing. Days from November to March have clear skies with perfectly strong winds from 11 am until late evening. The rock-free water makes it relatively safe for the kite surfers.

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne also has many beautiful beaches which attract both domestic and international tourists, such as Ca Na Beach. Travel to Mui Ne, tourists can visit some other attraction of Phan Thiet such as Fairy Springs (Suoi Tien) – a stream where people can sightsee the local wildlife (birds, crabs, fish, frogs, many exotic flowers, etc.), Fish Sauce Plants, where famous Phan Thiet fish sauce (nuoc mam) is produced and sold all over Vietnam, Phan Thiet Water Tower, designed by Prince Suphanouvong of Laos – also the symbol of Binh Thuan province, Takou Mountain – 1-hour drive from Mui Ne Beach, which has not only beautiful tropical rainforest, but also an old pagoda on top of the mountain, PoShaNu Cham Tower – a relic of Cham culture built in the 8th century, which should not be missed, etc. The most must-see one is the Sand Dunes (Doi Cat), where the dunes turn from white to gold (red dunes can be found further south in Mui Ne Village).

Tourists arriving in Mui Ne can also enjoy the atmosphere in Mui Ne Village Market, which sells lots of fresh fruits and inexpensive clothing. Best time to visit is early in the morning.

There are two ways to get Mui Ne by bus and by train. However, the good way is the bus because the bus will pick you up to Mui Ne beach while the train only takes you to Phan Thiet City (from Phan Thiet city to Mui Ne is about 25 km). It’s far about 4 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City (220km) and 3 hours and thirty minutes from Dalat city. 

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