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Discovering Hanoi Cuisine

Although Hanoi has a wealth of ancient historical sites to explore, one of the best places to discover the Vietnam sightseeing, the real heart and soul of the city lies in its messy and bustling streets! Hanoi Street food tour will provide you with a fast-paced insight into the city’s lively street food culture and will give you chance to sample all kinds of different delicacies. Motorbikes zoom past and locals chat noisily on the side of the road while tucking into bowls of hot pho (noodle soup) and drinking iced Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. Be prepared to get up close and personal with real Hanoi life as you dart across the road (under the watchful and protective eye of your expert guide of course), squat on little plastic chairs and eat dishes with disposable chopsticks.

hanoi street food tour

This half-day tour takes 3 hours and we recommend joining it in the morning, when the city first wakes up. You will be met at your hotel and taken by taxi to the Old Quarter where you will take a walk through a local market, trying out the wide range of dishes and snacks on offer. Let your curiosity get the better of you and you will certainly be rewarded! The dishes that you try on any given day can vary but your expert guide will advise you on which are most delicious and distinctive to Hanoi. Balance out your savoury food with various sweet snacks and drinks too, but be prepared to eat a lot!

We feel that this tour works very well as an introduction to Vietnamese cuisine for adventurous foodies. If you’ve choose places to visit Vietnam, it will stand you in good stead for the rest of your tour, alternatively it can be a treat at the end of a trip for those wanting to remember the real Vietnam before travelling back home.